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Utility Providers in the Netherlands

Make your new house a home. Get your water, energy and heating needs sorted with our directory listings of expat-friendly utilities providers:

Pure Energie

Pure Energie is a green energy company in the Netherlands. They specialize in producing energy for homes and businesses from renewable sources, through their own network of solar panels and windmills. Plug your home into greener electricity with Pure Energie.

UnitedConsumers Energy

UnitedConsumers is an energy and utilities company operating in The Netherlands. They offer a dedicated service for expats, ensuring affordable, easy-to-manage energy provision for internationals moving to the country. So, make sure you're connected in your new home with UnitedConsumers.


Zoofy is an online platform for home professionals and tradespeople. Their easy-to-use service helps expats connect easily with electricians, plumbers, decorators and more. So, whether you need an emergency mechanic or someone to paint your house, you’ll find them on Zoofy.

Johan van Hasseltweg 2, a1, 1022 AG Amsterdam, Netherlands

+31 (0)85 0471277
Easy Nuts

Easy Nuts help expats set up their Dutch utilities. Their free, expat-friendly service can find you to the best deals on energy, broadband and more – and have everything arranged within 24 hours. So, take the stress out of moving by letting Easy Nuts get you connected.

Westplein 12
3016 BM Rotterdam

+31 (0) 85 208 17 94

Other listings of Utility Providers in Netherlands

Oxxio Energie is an electricity and gas provider in the Netherlands. They offer several products, including gas and 100% green electricity. Discounts are also available for customers who sign up for Oxxio's home internet and TV. Get your whole home connected with Oxxio.

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Pricewise is a price comparison website operating in the Netherlands. Their easy-to-use tool compares prices on a range of essential products, from energy suppliers to internet providers. Get the best deal for you and your family with Pricewise.

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Vattenfall is an energy company operating in the Netherlands. Formerly known as Nuon, Vattenfall offers a range of sustainable energy options for your home and business. From district heating to household solar panels, Vattenfall has the right green energy options for you.

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