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Alternative & Holistic Medicine in the Netherlands

Looking for alternative therapies in the Netherlands? Check our listings for expat-friendly alternative therapy and holistic medicine and find the right care for you:

Bodywork Integration & Awareness is a message therapist located in Amsterdam. With over 10 years of therapy experience, treatments can help relieve chronic pain and tension, sports injuries and strain injuries. Therapy is available in Dutch and English, ensuring treatments meet your needs.

Tiny Sleepyhead is a professional children’s sleep consultant. Run by qualified psychologist, Aleksandra Wysocka, the service helps children improve their quality of sleep. So, if your little ones are struggling to adapt to their new home, see how Tiny Sleepyhead sleep consultancy could help.

Wellbeing Chiropractic is a chiropractic clinic in Amsterdam. They provide a range of certified care services, including chiropractic care for babies and infants. They also offer maternity services, including pre- and post-natal care for mother and child. Experience life to the fullest with Wellbeing Chiropractic.

Thrive Chiropractic is a chiropractic clinic in Amsterdam. Their English-speaking team of professionals offer a range of chiropractic care, including alignment, rehabilitation, and decompression therapy. So, whatever the needs of your body, the experts at Thrive Chiropractic can help.

BlueSky Acupuncture is an expat-friendly acupuncturist based in Amsterdam. They have a range of treatments that are personally tailored to your individual needs, including digestive system cleanse. So, if you have an ailment, why not see if BlueSky Acupuncture can help.

Studio Anna Mora is a wellness center in Amsterdam. They specialize in Pilates classes, running lessons for all backgrounds and abilities. They also offer massage and acupuncture treatments alongside international wellness retreats. So, invest in yourself in your new home with Studio Anna Mora.

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