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TV and Internet Providers

Staying connected can help you integrate into your new life abroad. To help you get set up, here are some expat-friendly TV and internet providers in the Netherlands:

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hayu is a US on-demand subscription service that specializes in reality TV shows. The internationally-accessible platform lets you watch the latest episodes right after they air in the US. hayu also has a large catalog of the biggest reality shows to choose from.read moreread less


Disney+ is an on-demand video subscription service operating internationally. The platform offers a range of Disney movies and TV series, from the Star Wars saga to classics for the whole family. So, bring the magic of Disney into your home by signing up for Disney+.read moreread less


Pricewise is a price comparison website operating in the Netherlands. Their easy-to-use tool compares prices on a range of essential products, from energy suppliers to internet providers. Get the best deal for you and your family with Pricewise.read moreread less

KPN Internet & TV

KPN is a leading internet and TV provider operating in the Netherlands. They have multiple TV and broadband options for home and office, including superfast connections and a range of on-demand TV and movie packages. So, get connected in the Netherlands with KPN Internet & TV. read moreread less

Partner Pete

Partner Pete is a utilities specialist helping expats in the Netherlands get connected to the best providers for them. They offer easy-to-understand English assistance with broadband, TV, energy, water and mobile connections. So, make your new house a home in the Netherlands with Partner Pete. read moreread less

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Youfone is a home telecom provider available in the Netherlands. They offer a combination of home internet and TV packages, offering superfast connectivity and the latest shows from around the world. Get yourself and your home connected in the Netherlands with Youfone.read moreread less

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View TV Abroad is an online subscription service for US and UK TV shows. It lets you watch TV shows from home live or on-demand from wherever you are in the world. So, from Eastenders to Ru Paul’s Drag Race, you’ll never miss your favorite show again. read moreread less

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