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Car Sharing & Taxis

Need help getting around in the Netherlands? Check out our listing of expat-friendly taxi and car-sharing services and get from A to B more easily:

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Sneeleentaxi is a private-hire taxi and ride-sharing operator based in the Netherlands. They provide an easy-to-use ride-sharing service that allows drivers and passengers to connect with each other. So, wherever you’re going, Sneeleentaxi can help get you from A to B. read moreread less


Sixt is a car rental and ride-sharing platform operating internationally. They offer a range of personal and business cars and commercial vehicles for rental. Sixt also offers ride-sharing through their app, giving you a full spectrum of options to get from A to B. read moreread less

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Bynco is an online secondhand car retailer based in the Netherlands. Their easy-to-use, expat-friendly platform lets you buy a new car from the comfort of your own home. Motors have simple, understandable descriptions, so get behind the wheel quicker with Bynco. read moreread less

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