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Expatica’s mission is to provide internationals with information that helps you settle and thrive in a new country. As a trusted global platform, we want to build bridges between cultures. We believe that knowledge fosters awareness and respect: for each other, and for the little blue planet that we all call home.

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Who we are: our history and values

Since its inception in 2000, Expatica’s reach has grown considerably. Our readers number millions and come from every corner of the globe.

Empathy has always been at the core of Expatica’s DNA. It is ingrained in our internal standards. Founder Mark Welling and his business partner, the late Antoine van Veldhuizen, recognized in each other a shared passion to help people and connect cultures. These values have fueled our work.

Today we strive for Expatica – its content, its team, its partners – to reflect the principles of our identity:

  • An international spirit respectful of all cultures and communities
  • Growth on an individual and global level
  • Warmth as a safe, welcoming, and authentic platform
  • Dependability as a transparent and trustworthy source of quality information
  • Freshness since we believe that moving around the world is a rejuvenating adventure

What we do: our content

In 2022, over 18 million people visited our site for trusted information on expat life.

Internationals are great vectors for change. They are among the 280 million people the United Nations estimates are living outside their country of origin. We serve people who are changing their lives, and who may be changing the world a little as they do so.

Expatica provides very practical advice on topics such as immigration and relocation, housing, education, jobs, banking, healthcare, and insurance. We also guide you on integrating into a new society and connecting with others, including dating. Our content includes a growing focus on advancing human rights and environmental protections, and we strive to help you lighten your footprint by discussing sustainable living, green energy sources, and recycling.

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Where we’re going: our shared journey

As Expatica’s journey continues, our main goal is to help you with yours. We plan to expand, learn, and grow our coverage to include more countries and more topics. We are guided by the fact that the personal is global, and we recognize the commonality in our individual experiences.

Nothing underlines that more clearly than the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis. The big problems of today are collective, global problems. They need to be solved on a global level. However, we believe our individual choices can make an impact on the big picture. For these choices to help create a better world, we need to shift our perspective. We must zoom out, look beyond ourselves, and shed our presumptions and prejudice.

We believe that internationals in particular possess the qualities to power that shift: moving across countries and continents takes curiosity, courage, and open-mindedness. Expatica aims to work with partners who understand this and share our values. Together, we can help you change your world.

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