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Wellness in the Netherlands

Need a little self-indulgence in your new home? Take the stress out of moving abroad with these expat-friendly wellness options in the Netherlands:

Studio Anna Mora is a wellness center in Amsterdam. They specialize in Pilates classes, running lessons for all backgrounds and abilities. They also offer massage and acupuncture treatments alongside international wellness retreats. So, invest in yourself in your new home with Studio Anna Mora.

Bem Estar is a skincare and hair removal clinic based in Amsterdam. They offer professional treatments for a range of common issues, including rosacea, acne and ingrown hair. So, make sure you feel your best in your new home with Bem Estar.

BlueSky Acupuncture is an expat-friendly acupuncturist based in Amsterdam. They have a range of treatments that are personally tailored to your individual needs, including digestive system cleanse. So, if you have an ailment, why not see if BlueSky Acupuncture can help.

Bodywork Integration & Awareness is a message therapist located in Amsterdam. With over 10 years of therapy experience, treatments can help relieve chronic pain and tension, sports injuries and strain injuries. Therapy is available in Dutch and English, ensuring treatments meet your needs.

Bonding Therapy is an expat-friendly relationship therapist based in Amsterdam. Offering qualified psychological expertise, they give both couples and singles a blend of psychotherapy, emotion-focused therapy, and hypnotherapy. So, whether you’re in a relationship or looking for one, Bonding Therapy can help you overcome challenges.

Ten Katestraat 40-2,
1053 CG Amsterdam

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