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Mortgage Advisors in the Netherlands

Buying a house in your new home? Check out our listings of expat-friendly mortgage advisors in the Netherlands to help you seal the deal:

Financial Consultancy Holland

Financial Consultancy Holland offers a range of financial services and advice on mortgages, insurance, and personal loans. With more than 10 years of experience in finance, they're well-placed to help with your financial questions. Visit Financial Consultancy Holland online for proactive banking expertise.

Regus Office Center, De Willemswerf, Boompjes 40, 3011 XB Rotterdam

Hypotheek Platform

Hypotheek Platform is an independent, professional, and reliable mortgage advisor for internationals in the Netherlands. Their website can help you to buy your dream Dutch home. They compare lenders and insurers so you can find the best services. Get in touch with Hypotheek Platform and find the perfect mortgage.

Expat Mortgages

Expat Mortgages is an independent mortgage broker specializing in the expat market. For over 10 years, they've been providing advice and guidance for expats moving into new property markets. So, if you're looking to buy a home in the Netherlands, see how Expat Mortgages can help.

+31 (0)20 7173908
Kamp & Vulhop Financial Services

Do you want to buy a property in the Netherlands? Let Kamp & Vulhop Financial Services make the process stress-free! An independent advice and brokerage firm specializing in mortgages and insurance for expats, they have access to a wide range of banks, lenders, and insurance companies to find the best fit for you.

Sadeestraat 20, 2596XC Den Haag

Independent Expat Finance

Independent Expat Finance is a team of financial advisors specializing in the expat market. They offer a financial intermediary service for those moving to or living in the Netherlands. For mortgages, consumer loans, or personal insurance, Independent Expat Finance can advise on the best option.

Rocket Mortgages

Rocket Mortgages are a mortgage advisor located in the Netherlands. They can advise on mortgage terms, your maximum loan, and all you need to know about buying a house as an expat. Get in touch with Rocket Mortgages and get ready to buy your new Dutch home.

Transistorstraat 31, 1322 CK Almere


Other listings of Mortgage Advisors in Netherlands

A&H Finance are a team of financial advisors based in Amsterdam. Their award-winning service has been tailored to the needs of the expat market in the city. So, if you’re looking to buy your new dream home, let A&H Finance help get the right mortgage for you.

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De Hypotheekadviseur is an independent organization advising consumers on mortgages and insurance in the Netherlands. They work with most mortgage lenders and are well-placed to provide rates and advice. Book an appointment with De Hypotheekadviseur to find out about mortgages in the Netherlands.

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Expats Amsterdam is a full-service organization that helps internationals relocate to the Netherlands. From finding accommodation to helping expats get mortgages, they provide support for every step of your journey. So, get settled in your new home with Expats Amsterdam.

Staten Bolwerk 1
2011 MK Haarlem

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Finsens is a tax advisor based in central Amsterdam. They have years of experience in local and international tax matters. This makes them expertly placed to help the growing expat community. If you’re planning on moving to the Netherlands, get your taxes in check with Finsens.

Herengracht 420 2nd floor 1017 BZ Amsterdam

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Hypotheek-rentetarieven is an independent online initiative from NBG mortgage advisers. Their website aims to inform consumers about mortgages and interest rates, allowing them to make their own calculations. Visit hypotheek-rentetarieven online to compare all Dutch banks and learn about mortgages.

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Mooijekind Vleut is a real estate agency based in the North Randstad region of the Netherlands. Alongside helping expats find properties across the region, they also provide mediation and mortgage services. With over 40 years experience, you’ll find the right support for you with Mooijekind Vleut.

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MortgageMonster offer professional and reliable mortgage advice for expats buying homes in the Randstad. As an independent company, they compare a range of lenders and insurers to get the best possible mortgage and insurance for clients. So, use MortgageMonster to get the best deal for you.

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Oranjeland Insurance is a financial services provider based in the Netherlands. Their expat-friendly service helps internationals access insurance, mortgages and pensions. Oranjeland Insurance also offer support and advice on financial planning and other fiscal matters.

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