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Financial Services in the Netherlands

Need help with money matters when moving to your new home? Get your finances into shape with these expat-friendly financial services operating in the Netherlands:


bunq is an online bank operating across Europe. Their easy-to-use mobile banking service lets you open an account in minutes, giving you access to instant payments, money transfers, and more. So, if you need an expat-friendly bank without the hassle, open a bunq account today.

INCO Business Group

INCO Business Group is a team of legal and tax experts providing professional advice and guidance for expats moving to the Netherlands. Alongside their corporate services, they also host a range of events for industry professionals. So, whatever your needs, INCO Business Group has you covered.

Headoffice - Breda
Laanzichtweg 60B
4847 SJ Breda

Office - Rotterdam
Stationsplein 45 Office A4.004,
3013 AK Rotterdam

Office - Amsterdam
Johan Huizingalaan 763 A, Office E5740
1066 VH Amsterdam

+31 (0) 10 311 0030


N26 is an online bank providing mobile banking across Europe and North America. They offer a range of financial services, from current accounts to investment products, that can be easily managed in the N26 app. So, whatever your banking needs when moving abroad, N26 can help.

Other Listings

LeoPay provides international mobile and online banking for individuals and businesses. Their easy-to-use service offers free accounts with dedicated IBANs in 10 major currencies, free contactless VISA cards, and worldwide transfers. So, wherever you’re relocating, LeoPay’s full-service financial platform can help you move with

PayingIt International is a financial services company operating in the Netherlands. They offer expat-friendly financial support and assistance to businesses, including payroll, planning software and more. So, whatever the financial needs of your business, Payingit International is well-placed to help.


ING is one of the leading banks operating in the Netherlands. They offer a range of banking and financial services, including retail banking, mobile and online banking, investments and insurance. Whatever your banking needs, ING’s expat-friendly service gets your money where it needs to be.

ABN AMRO is a leading retail bank operating predominantly in the Netherlands. Their comprehensive range of financial services include bank accounts, mortgages and investments. Services are available in Dutch and English both on-line and in-branch. So, whatever your financial needs, ABN AMRO can help.

Rabobank is a leading retail bank operating in the Netherlands. It offers a range of expat-friendly financial services, from individual bank accounts to business banking and asset management. If you’re moving to the Netherlands, get your money in order with the team at Rabobank.

Improve your financial decision-making with Beacon Financial Education. Through seminars, webinars and self-help guides, their financial education services will make money matters easier to understand. Dedicated expat-friendly services are available in the US and across Europe. So, you’ll be able to move abroad with confidence.

Oranjeland Insurance is a financial services provider based in the Netherlands. Their expat-friendly service helps internationals access insurance, mortgages and pensions. Oranjeland Insurance also offer support and advice on financial planning and other fiscal matters.

Independent Expat Finance is a team of financial advisors specializing in the expat market. They offer a financial intermediary service for those moving to or living in the Netherlands. For mortgages, consumer loans, or personal insurance, Independent Expat Finance can advise on the best option.

Dreef 48
2012 HS Haarlem

Deutsche Bank is an international retail bank operating across the Netherlands. They offer a number of expat-friendly financial services in English, including bank accounts, credit cards, and cash withdrawals. Stay on top of your money by taking out an account with Deutsche Bank.

Fondsstad is an international fund management platform for investors. Their team of financial experts can help clients with investments, portfolio management, and mutual funds. So, if you’re looking to get more from your money, speak to the professionals at Fondsstad today.


BDO is an international network of financial advisors and consultants. Their team of highly-qualified experts offer tax and financial consultancy for a range of clients, from individuals to multinational corporations. Whatever your financial needs in your new home, BDO can help.

Blue Clue provides tax solutions for the expat market. Their expert team offers tax advice, litigation and payroll assistance, working with individuals and companies moving to and from the Netherlands. So, if you’re looking to get your company’s tax situation in check, contact Blue Clue.

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