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Mental Health Services

Moving abroad can be challenging for your mental health. If you’re looking for professional help in the Netherlands check out our listings of expat-friendly mental health services:

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Academic & Personal Pathways are a certified counseling service. Based in Amsterdam, they offer life and career coaching, enabling patients to improve their communication and self-esteem. So, if you’re looking for life guidance, contact Academic & Personal Pathways today and see how they can help you. read moreread less

Childrearing Matters is a child psychological specialist based near Leiden. Led by Alison Sutton, an expert with over 30 years experience, they offer coaching and development for families and youth professionals. So, whatever your unique needs, Childrearing Matters can help. read moreread less

Tiffany Gordon is a professional clinical psychology. Based in central Amsterdam, she specializes in providing therapy for expats, covering martial relationships, anxiety and depression. Tiffany Gordon Psychology sessions are provided in English, and counseling is also offering online. read moreread less

ExpatPsy provides psychological and psychiatric services for expats living in the Netherlands. Based in Rotterdam, they offer therapy for expat professionals, families and students. ExpatPsy specialize in mental health and wellness, and offer services in evenings and weekends for all needs. read moreread less

Functioning Psychology is an expat-friendly therapist based in the Netherlands. They offer individual, couple and family therapy for all ages, tailoring sessions to personalized needs. Functioning Psychology offer sessions in English and Italian, either in-person or over video chat. read moreread less

Alison Collis is a professional counselor, therapist and coach operating internationally. Trained in the UK, Alison specializes in the well-being, resilience, and mental health of expats and global nomads. Sessions can be carried out online, ensuring you don't miss out on therapy or coaching.read moreread less

Expat Therapy provides specialist psychotherapy for expat clients. The service offers tailor-made therapy packages in both Dutch and English, for individuals, families and couples. So, if you’re looking for therapy for expats, get in touch with Expat Therapy. read moreread less

Kuhler & Trooster is an international mental health clinic with locations in The Hague and Amsterdam. Their team of psychiatrists and psychologists provide personalized mental health plans in English, Dutch, French and German. Whatever your mental health needs, Kuhler & Trooster’s team of experts can help. read moreread less

Relationship Therapy Amsterdam is a counseling service based in Amsterdam. They offer couples and individual therapy from a highly-qualified clinical psychologist who’s experienced in dealing with expats. So, for guidance and support, contact Relationship Therapy Amsterdam. They offer a free 15-minute consultation before the first session. read moreread less

Sullivan Global Coaching is a consultancy firm specializing in expat lifestyles. They offer tailored expatriate and repatriate coaching services that can help clients find their identity and purpose in their new home. So, get to grips with your new lifestyle with Sullivan Global Coaching. read moreread less

The Anti-Loneliness Project is a counseling and psychologist service based in The Hague. They offer a range of programs, including couples therapy and online counseling. The Project is run by Vassia Sarantopoulou, a certified psychologist specializing in behavioral therapy. read moreread less

Youniverse Therapy is a psychology practice for internationals based in The Hague. Run by qualified psychologist Joanna Pantazi, they offer certified psychological therapy specially tailored to expats. Youniverse Therapy provides treatment in English Dutch, and Greek and runs psycho-educational seminars alongside therapy. read moreread less

Studio Therapy Revolution is a psychologist practice with locations in Amsterdam and Utrecht. They offer individual, couple, and group psychotherapy alongside professional training courses. Whatever your needs, Studio Therapy Revolution can help you meet them. read moreread less

Psychologist in Amsterdam provides English-speaking psychological care in Amsterdam. The service is run by Clint Steenveld, a highly-qualified clinical psychologist specializing in heartfelt, mindful care for internationals. So, whatever your needs, Psychologist in Amsterdam can provide professional care and support. read moreread less

Your Therapist Abroad is a counseling service based in Amsterdam. Their globally-focussed service understands the pressures of expat lifestyles in the Netherlands. Your Therapist Abroad offer individual, couple, and group therapy, alongside video chat options for those in other locations. read moreread less

Tiny Sleepyhead is a professional children’s sleep consultant. Run by qualified psychologist, Aleksandra Wysocka, the service helps children improve their quality of sleep. So, if your little ones are struggling to adapt to their new home, see how Tiny Sleepyhead sleep consultancy could help. read moreread less

Ingrid Bax is a family and parenting coach based near Haarlem. She provides expat-friendly support for families looking to improve their home situation, through creative, communicative negotiation. For help and guidance in your family, contact Ingrid Bax Family and Parenting Coach today. read moreread less

Bonding Therapy is an expat-friendly relationship therapist based in Amsterdam. Offering qualified psychological expertise, they give both couples and singles a blend of psychotherapy, emotion-focused therapy, and hypnotherapy. So, whether you’re in a relationship or looking for one, Bonding Therapy can help you overcome challenges. read moreread less

Ten Katestraat 40-2,
1053 CG Amsterdam

Counseling Amsterdam is a counselor based in central Amsterdam. They specialize in providing individual, group and relationship therapy to expats living in the Netherlands. Counseling Amsterdam offer consultations by phone, in person or via video calls for convenience. read moreread less

PsyQ provides state-of-the-art mental health support for internationals living in the Netherlands. They understand the unique stresses and strains of the expat lifestyle, whether it's cultural adaption or missing loved ones back home. So, for highly professional mental health support, speak to the team at PsyQ. read moreread less

Psychologist in The Hague is a mental health service provided by Katarina Gaborova. Katarina is a multi-discipline psychologist, life coach, and author specializing in psychological support for expats. She offers various therapies and services and can help with a range of issues and concerns. read moreread less

Monique Molendijk is a therapist based in The Hague. She offers counseling, coaching and psychological help for expats living in the Netherlands in both English and German. So, if you’re living with mental health issues in your new home, see how Monique Molendijk can help. read moreread less

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