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Life Coaches in the Netherlands

Want to develop new professional and personal goals in the Netherlands? Here’s our directory of expat-friendly life coaches that can help you achieve those goals:

Sullivan Global Coaching is a consultancy firm specializing in expat lifestyles. They offer tailored expatriate and repatriate coaching services that can help clients find their identity and purpose in their new home. So, get to grips with your new lifestyle with Sullivan Global Coaching.

Alison Collis is a professional counselor, therapist and coach operating internationally. Trained in the UK, Alison specializes in the well-being, resilience, and mental health of expats and global nomads. Sessions can be carried out online, ensuring you don't miss out on therapy or coaching.

Crisler Coaching offers communication and coaching sessions. They provide tailored courses for individuals, groups, and organizations focusing on self-connection and communication. So, if you’re eager for self-exploration and want to learn and grow in your new home, contact Crisler Coaching today.

Christie Linley is a life coach based in Amsterdam. She is a certified NLP practitioner specializing in helping clients develop their career, manage complex life issues, and more. For well-balanced life coaching tailored to your own unique needs, contact Christie Linley today.

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