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Fashion Stores in the Netherlands

Want a fresh wardrobe in your new home? Here are some expat-friendly fashion stores in the Netherlands for you and your family:


HEMA is a Dutch variety store with branches internationally. HEMA offers a wide range of goods, from cookware and kids' clothing to dried groceries and fresh snacks at their cafeterias. Whatever you need for your home, you'll find it at HEMA.

Other Listings

Suitsupply is an international clothing retailer. They provide high-quality apparel for men and women online and in their portfolio of outlets located around the world. Suitsupply also offer professional tailoring services to ensure your clothes are the right fit for you.

Rain Couture is a fashion label specializing in rainwear. They have a range of multi-functional, durable, and fashionable all-weather coats made using sustainable materials. So, keep yourself dry in the Netherlands with a stylish rain jacket from Rain Couture.

Little Cosmo is an online children’s clothing retailer. They have a range of expertly-designed children’s apparel that is shipped internationally from their online marketplace. For the latest fashion and threads for your children, check out the range on Little Cosmo.

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