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Healthcare Services in the Netherlands

Trying to understand the healthcare system in the Netherlands? To give you and your family the best care, contact one of these expat-friendly healthcare services and find the right care for you.

TinyEYE is a children’s speech therapist operating in The Netherlands. Run by qualified speech and language pathologists, they offer online, interactive therapy. TinyEYE run courses in a number of languages, including Dutch, French, Turkish and more.

Bonding Therapy is an expat-friendly relationship therapist based in Amsterdam. Offering qualified psychological expertise, they give both couples and singles a blend of psychotherapy, emotion-focused therapy, and hypnotherapy. So, whether you’re in a relationship or looking for one, Bonding Therapy can help you overcome challenges.

Ten Katestraat 40-2,
1053 CG Amsterdam

Childrearing Matters is a child psychological specialist based near Leiden. Led by Alison Sutton, an expert with over 30 years experience, they offer coaching and development for families and youth professionals. So, whatever your unique needs, Childrearing Matters can help.

Thrive Chiropractic is a chiropractic clinic in Amsterdam. Their English-speaking team of professionals offer a range of chiropractic care, including alignment, rehabilitation, and decompression therapy. So, whatever the needs of your body, the experts at Thrive Chiropractic can help.

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