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Family Lawyers in the Netherlands

Looking for professional legal advice in the Netherlands? Our directory of expat-friendly family lawyers can help you find the legal advice you need:

Expats Amsterdam

Expats Amsterdam is a full-service organization that helps internationals relocate to the Netherlands. From finding accommodation to helping expats get mortgages, they provide support for every step of your journey. So, get settled in your new home with Expats Amsterdam.

Staten Bolwerk 1
2011 MK Haarlem

+31 23 75 15 767

Other Listings

Legal Expat Desk is an information hub for expats living in the Netherlands. Powered by GMW Lawyers, they offer support and guidance about Dutch law from a team of legal experts. So, whether you need an English-speaking lawyer or some friendly advice, Legal Expat Desk can help.

AMS Advocaten is a law firm based in Amsterdam. Their team of expat-friendly professionals specialize in Dutch civil law, working with both companies and individuals. Whatever your legal needs in the Netherlands, contact AMS Advocaten and see how they can help.

SCG Advocaten is an expat-friendly law firm based in Amsterdam and Eindhoven. They have a team of experts, specializing in family law, international law, inheritance law and more. So, whatever your legal needs, you’ll find the right advice for you with SCG Advocaten.

Mynta Law is a law firm based in The Hague. They specialize in providing expert advice for complex international issues, helping both individuals and companies alike. So, for multilingual legal support in Dutch, English, and Chinese, speak to Mynta Law.

Boschouwers Schellekens Spoormans (BSS) is a boutique law firm located in central Amsterdam. Their team of lawyers specialize in family law, both Dutch and International. So, if you’re looking for mediation, collaborative divorce, or simply advice on legal proceedings, see how BSS can help you.

Fieldfisher is a law firm operating across Europe. From coffee shop chains to social media sites, they have a range of clients across various industries and sectors. For all your legal needs in Amsterdam, contact the team at Fieldfisher.

Amsteldijk 220 1079 LK Amsterdam

Pallas Attorneys-at-Law is a law firm specializing in employment and labor law. They are well-known internationally for their legal expertise, providing support and guidance with immigration law, social security and more. Based in Amsterdam, they can provide emergency guidance if needed.

Blenheim is a law firm based in Amsterdam. Their internationally-minded legal experts specialize in real estate, employment law, corporate law and business law and more. in The Netherlands. So, if you need expat-friendly guidance on the Dutch legal system contact Blenheim.

Everaert Advocaten is a law firm in IJdok specializing in immigration law. They provide expert legal advice in Dutch and English for foreign workers relocating to and from the Netherlands. So, for all your immigration law needs, speak to the team at Everaert Advocaten.

Noordam Advocatuur is a law firm specializing in Dutch employment law. They have over 25 years experience in providing advice and support for international workers living in the Netherlands. So, if you’re looking for help regarding contracts or dismissals, speak to Noordam Advocatuur.

Van Hilten Advocaten & Mediators is a law firm based in The Hague and Amsterdam. They specialize in family and inheritance law. Their professional team work in Dutch and English. So, whatever your legal needs in The Netherlands, the Van Hilten experts can offer assistance.

GMW Lawyers is a law firm based in The Hague. For over 30 years, they have been providing Dutch and foreign companies and individuals with legal advice tailored to their needs. So, for advice on company law, employment law, family law, and property law, contact GMW Lawyers.

Meijer Notarissen is a law form based in Amsterdam. They have over 110 years experience in providing corporate law, real estate law, and family law. As well as Dutch, their expat-friendly services are offered in English, French, German, Spanish.

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