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SIM Cards and Mobile Phones in the Netherlands

Having a Dutch cell phone number can make life a lot easier. Here are some expat-friendly mobile phone carriers in the Netherlands to help with your move abroad:


Youfone is a mobile phone operator in the Netherlands. They offer SIM-only mobile deals for personal and business customers. Take advantage of their cheap mobile packages to access their nationwide 4G connectivity or package together with TV and home internet connections.

UnitedConsumers Mobiel

UnitedConsumers Mobiel is a mobile and SIM comparison website operating in The Netherlands. Their expat-friendly service will ensure you get the right deal from the biggest and most accessible Dutch mobile providers. So, whether you’re looking for a contract or SIM, check out UnitedConsumers.


Refurbished.nl is a secondhand mobile phone and personal electronics stockist operating in the Netherlands. You'll find a whole host of refurbished smartphones, tablets, and laptops to choose from, including the latest Apple and Samsung models. Shop greener and save money with Refurbished.nl.


T-Mobile is an international mobile phone operator available in the Netherlands. They have a well-established choice of tariffs, SIM-only deals, and other options catering to the expat market. If you’re moving to the Netherlands, pick up a Dutch number and SIM card with T-Mobile.


Mobiel.nl is an online mobile phone retailer operating in the Netherlands. On their easy-to-use site, you’ll find a whole host of options, from brand-new iPhones to a range of SIM-only deals. So, make the move to your new home easier by checking out Mobiel.nl.


Simpel is a mobile phone operator in the Netherlands. They specialize in providing SIM-only deals for individuals and businesses, with several options available to choose from. Shop online and get connected in the Netherlands with Simpel.

Expat Mobile

Expat Mobile is a mobile phone operator specializing in the expat market. They provide cheap national and international rates, so you can always keep in touch with friends and family back home. So, get yourself connected by getting a sim card from Expat Mobile.

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KPN Mobiel

KPN Mobiel is one of the leading mobile phone operators in the Netherlands. They offer a range of expat-friendly services that’ll get you connected in your new home. Whether you’re after a brand-new phone or a 5G-ready Dutch SIM card, you’ll find it with KPN.

Tele2 Mobiel

Tele2 Mobiel is one of the leading mobile phone operators in the Netherlands. It has a range of phones, subscriptions, and SIM-only deals that’ll get you connected in your new home. So, find the right Dutch mobile service for you with Tele2 Mobiel.


Lebara is an international mobile phone network. They offer a range of pay-as-you-go and contract options in the Netherlands, offering calls, texts, and mobile data. With special rates for international calls, Lebara is popular with expats looking to set up home in a new country.

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Sim Options is an online marketplace specializing in international SIM cards. Their wide selection of SIM cards means you can choose from location, tariff, and operator to find the right connection for you. Wherever your life takes you, get connected in your new home with Sim Options.

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