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Online Education in the Netherlands

Looking to gain new qualifications around your existing lifestyle? These expat-friendly online learning services in the Netherlands can help make learning easier for you:


Alison is an online learning resource. Their easy-to-use platform offers over 3,000 expert-made courses, covering everything from language learning and personal development to accountancy and digital marketing. Take yourself to the next level and sign up with Alison today.

Other listings of Online Education in Netherlands

InterHigh is an online school accessible internationally. Since 2005, the platform has provided an interactive online primary, secondary, and sixth-form education embedded in the UK system. For education from trained professionals at your own home, choose InterHigh.

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My Online Schooling is an online education portal accessible globally. The site provides an expertly-tailored teaching platform that follows the UK education system. If you're looking for a better schooling option for your child(ren) in the comfort of your own home, visit My Online Schooling today.

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Net School is an online education portal accessible around the world. The easy-to-use portal lets students from 9–18 years follow the UK curriculum, including IGCSEs and International A Levels. For an accessible education wherever you are in the world, sign up to Net School today.

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Pearson Online Academy is an online school accessible around the world. The school provides professional, accredited K-12 education from a leading name in virtual learning. Wherever you and your family are in the world, see how Pearson Online Academy can help your children learn.

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