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Hotels in the Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands? Make your first few days in your new home easier by checking into one of these expat-friendly hotels and apartment complexes:


Bidroom is a membership-based online platform for hotel bookings. Their unique service lets hotels accept bookings without commission who, in turn, give perks for members. Travel smarter and join an innovative online booking community with Bidroom.

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Amrâth Apart-Hotel Schiphol is an extended-stay apart-hotel located near Schiphol airport. Alongside well-appointed rooms and apartments, the hotel has a fitness center and conference facilities. So, whether you’re staying for a week or a year, check out the offer at Amrâth Apart-Hotel.

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Booking.com is an online global marketplace for hotels and short-term rentals. Their easy-to-use platform connects users with accommodation in over 220 countries worldwide, from hotel rooms to whole houses. So, wherever you’re relocating, see if Booking.com can help make the move a little easier.

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City ID is a chain of aparthotels based in Amsterdam. Their youthful, creative accommodation provides luxury, hotel-inspired facilities with the comfort and freedom of an apartment. With three locations in the city, you’ll find the right aparthotel for you with City ID.

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Hotels.com is an online booking platform. The site has thousands of accommodation listings located around the world. From hotels and hostels to luxury villas and short-stay apartments, there is something for every taste. So, make your move that little bit easier with Hotels.com.

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HouseTrip is an online holiday rental platform operating throughout the world. Powered by the experts at TripAdvisor, it offers vacationers the chance to find their new home-from-home across Europe. From Amsterdam to the Algarve, find your dream holiday let with HouseTrip.

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