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Utility Providers in Germany

Make your new house a home. Get your water, energy and heating needs sorted with our directory listings of expat-friendly utilities providers:


EnBW is a German energy company. They specialize in offering sustainable options such as energy from renewables and charging for electric vehicles. As well as electricity, they provide gas, heating, water, and solar energy services. For an energy company that looks after the future, choose EnBW.

E Wie Einfach

E Wie Einfach is an energy company operating in Germany. They offer a range of energy products and tariffs, including 100% green electricity and green gas. E Wie Einfach offers a more accessible, mobile energy provision, ensuring your stay connected in Germany with minimal fuss.


Yello is an energy company operating in Germany. They offer a range of products for home and business, including gas, solar energy, and 100% green electricity. If you're looking for a new energy connection in your German home, speak to the experts at Yello.


Qcells is a German energy company offering a variety of sustainable energy solutions. They provide 100% green electricity to help you prepare for energy transition. They also offer gas supply offset by climate protection projects. Connect with Qcells for clean energy that's ready for the future.


Sparstrom is an energy provider operating in Germany. A subsidiary of Badenova, the company offers a number of energy solutions for your home, including natural gas and 100% green electricity, and a number of additional extras for customers. Get your home connected in Germany with Sparstrom.


Stadtenergie is an energy provider operating in Germany. The company offers a number of energy options for residential customers, including 100% green gas and 100% green electricity. See how much you could save with your utilities by speaking to Stadtenergie today.


Vattenfall is an energy company operating in Germany. Vattenfall offers a range of sustainable energy options for your home and business, from district heating to household solar panels. Get connected with the right green options in Germany with Vattenfall.


E.On is an energy provider operating in Germany. One of the market leaders, they offer a range of different products, including 100% green electricity and gas. They also offer mobility options. If you're looking to get connected in Germany, find out what's on offer with E.On.

Other listings of Utility Providers in Germany

LichtBlik is an energy company based in Germany. As green pioneers, they offer energy from wind and solar power, zero CO2 heat, eco gas, and green electricity for electric cars. They also offer home solutions such as solar panels. Sign up with LichtBlik for energy with a low impact on the planet.

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Süwag is an energy provider operating in Germany. They offer a number of energy products for homeowners in Germany, including electricity, gas, auto power, and more. If you're looking for utilities in Germany, contact Süwag and see what you could save.

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swb is a German energy and telecommunications provider. They have a range of tarrifs for electricity, gas, internet, TV, cellular service, and more. Their handy mobile app allows you to handle meter readings and contact customer service from your cell phone. Visit swb and get your home connected.

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Verivox is a comparison website operating in Germany. Using their simple online platform, you'll be able to compare the market whether you're looking for home energy, personal loans, car insurance, and even mobile phone subscriptions. Get a better deal with Verivox.

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