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Healthcare Services in Germany

Trying to understand the healthcare system in Germany? To give you and your family the best care, contact one of these expat-friendly healthcare services and find the right care for you.


Zava is an online primary healthcare platform operating in Germany. The service provides medication, treatments, and consultations – entirely online and led by doctors, pharmacists, and other medical professionals. Take control of your medical treatments and sign up with Zava today.

Other listings of Healthcare Services in Germany

Checkpoint BLN is a Berlin-based sexual health center providing support, testing, and counseling for gay and bisexual men and their partners. They also offer these services for trans, non-binary, and inter people of all orientations. Book an appointment to find the advice you need.

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The German Hospital Directory is a website where you can find specific healthcare in Germany. Look for hospitals by location, condition, or equipment using their online search tool. The website is available in both English and German. Find the healthcare you need on the German Hospital Directory.

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Liebesleben is a federal German organization aiming to prevent HIV and other STIs. Their online Sexual Health Service Finder shows the locations of centers offering advice on STIs and HIV as well as sexual and gender identity. Visit their website to find services in your area.

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pro familia is a German NGO promoting sexual and reproductive health. They provide counseling services focusing on reproductive issues including contraception, pregnancy, infertility, and abortion. They also advocate for fair reproductive rights. Contact pro familia for advice and support.

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Queer refugees welcome is a website for LGBTIQ* refugees living in Germany. They provide a wealth of information for queer migrants looking for advice on their legal rights, the German health system, sexual health, and more. Visit their website for advice and useful resources.

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The Robert Koch Institute is Germany's governmental biomedical institution. They study public health in the country, advise on policy and report on health trends and issues such as infectious diseases. Visit their website to find out the latest on public health in Germany.

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