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Accountants and Tax Preparation in Germany

Need help with your taxes and accounts in Germany? Take the stress out of your move with our directory of expat-friendly accountants and tax advisors in Germany:

H&R Block

H&R Block is a tax advisory service specializing in the expat market. Their team of tax experts offers help and guidance to Americans living in Germany. If you’re a US citizen abroad, make the tax process easier with the professional service at H&R Block.


Wundertax is an online tax advisory service operating in German. The easy-to-use service specializes in helping expats submit their tax declarations, ensuring they navigate the German tax system effectively. So, see what money you could save with the innovative service from Wundertax.

Skalitzer Str. 33
10999 Berlin


Taxback is a leading tax refund service offering extensive coverage, personalized services, and expert knowledge. Get a fully compliant free refund estimation, 24-hour live chat support – make claiming back your money quick and easy with Taxback.

Cash App Taxes

Cash App Taxes is an online tax return platform for US citizens living at home and abroad. Their platform offers a smart and simple filing service for both state and federal taxes and is 100% free. If you're looking to file your US taxes, see how Cash App Taxes can make the process easier.


prinz.tax can help you manage your tax obligations in Germany. They offer a full service for tax declarations tailored to expatriates living anywhere in Germany. Avoid getting overwhelmed by German bureaucracy – prinz.tax operate completely online with a personal service for a simple and efficient tax return.


Taxfix is a tax-filing platform operating in Germany. Their easy-to-use, app-based service uses the latest tech to help you file your taxes more effectively thanks to a series of expert-designed questions. Complete your returns in minutes and see if you could claim a tax refund with Taxfix.

+49 30 255 596 35

Other listings of Accountants and Tax Preparation in Germany

Bright!Tax is an online tax service specializing in helping US expats file their tax returns. The team of tax experts offer a personalized service to US expats around the world, ensuring a smooth route through the tax return process. Contact Bright!Tax and see how they can help you with your taxes.

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Fundsback is a pensions consultancy operating in Germany. Their dedicated team of professionals offer a specialized expat service for internationals paying into the German pension fund. Whether you want to cash out your pension or simply need advice on maximizing your returns, Fundsback can help.

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SSW is a legal and tax consultancy based in Munich. They offer English-speaking services for private customers and businesses, specializing in practical solutions. So, if you’re looking for guidance with your legal and tax issues, speak to the professionals at SSW.

Ohmstraße 7
80802 Munich

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Taxes for Expats provide tax advice for US expats. Their simple process makes filing taxes easy wherever you are in the world. So, whether you’re living Sydney or San Sebastian, get your US tax returns in order with Taxes for Expats.

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