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SIM Cards and Mobile Phones in Germany

Having a German cell phone number can make life a lot easier. Here are some expat-friendly mobile phone carriers in Germany to help with your move abroad:

1 & 1

1 & 1 is a mobile phone operator based in Germany. They offer a range of mobile deals, including phone contracts, the latest handsets, and data packages tailored to your usage. Explore the mobile possibilities of 1 & 1 today and get yourself connected in your new German home.

Other listings of SIM Cards and Mobile Phones in Germany

Lebara is an international mobile phone network. They offer a range of pay-as-you-go and contract options for calls, texts, and mobile data. With special rates for international calls, Lebara is popular with expats looking to set up home in a new country.

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Sim Options is an online marketplace specializing in international SIM cards. Their wide selection of SIM cards means you can choose from location, tariff, and operator to find the right connection for you. Wherever your life takes you, get connected in your new home with Sim Options.

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Verivox is a comparison website operating in Germany. Using their simple online platform, you'll be able to compare the market whether you're looking for home energy, personal loans, car insurance, and even mobile phone subscriptions. Get a better deal with Verivox.

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