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Last update on February 02, 2021

Find a list of groups and clubs for expats in Belgium to make friends and settle into Belgian life, from kids’ clubs to social groups for expats in Belgium.

Besides arranging the practical aspects of moving to Belgium, it’s also important to consider the social aspects of your new life. This can help reduce the effects of culture shock and isolation that some expats feel in the first months.

To mingle with locals or other expats in Brussels or around Belgium, there is plenty of choice of groups and clubs in Belgium, whether you’re looking to dance with fellow expats, discuss politics with passionate people, or support a charity.

Find a list of groups and clubs for expats in Belgium depending on your interests:

Clubs for expats in Brussels

Arts and theatre clubs in Belgium

Charity groups in Belgium

American expats in Belgium

British expats in Belgium

Expat associations in Belgium

Hobbies and games

Music, song and dance groups in Belgium

Political clubs in Belgium

Social clubs in Belgium

Travel and recreation Belgian clubs

Youth clubs in Belgium