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TV and Internet Providers in Belgium

Staying connected can help you integrate into your new life abroad. To help you get set up, here are some expat-friendly TV and internet providers in Belgium:

Mobile Vikings

Mobile Vikings is a leading mobile phone operator in Belgium. You’ll find a range of expat-friendly mobile products on their English website. This includes everything from phone subscriptions and prepaid SIMs to mobile broadband. Make your new country feel like home with Mobile Vikings.


Proximus is a leading telecom company operating in Belgium. They have a range of expat-friendly products, from home internet and TV to mobile subscriptions. If you're setting up life in your new home, get the connections you need with Proximus.


TADAAM is a telecoms provider operating in Belgium. They offer mobile internet and TV services with fast set-up and no contracts or cables, including streaming, TV channels, Wi-Fi, and more. If you're setting up home in Belgium, get yourself connected and simply plug-in with TADAAM.


Scarlet is a home telecom provider operating in Belgium. They offer a range of services for the home, including internet, home phone, and TV. They also offer mobile phone connection. Choose your option or bundle them together into a discount package and stay connected with Scarlet.


Aanbieders is an online comparison and utility connection service operating in Belgium. Compare energy, internet, mobile, and more, or let their team of experts help you get connected in your new home. Wherever you're moving to in Belgium, Aanbieders can make it easier.


hayu is a US on-demand subscription service that specializes in reality TV shows. The internationally-accessible platform lets you watch the latest episodes right after they air in the US. hayu also has a large catalog of the biggest reality shows to choose from.


Orange is a mobile phone and home broadband provider operating in Belgium. They have a range of expat-friendly phone and home internet options, with deals available if you choose more than one product. Get connected in Belgium with Orange.

Other listings of TV and Internet Providers in Belgium

Expat in Belgium provides a platform for expats to connect with local tradespeople. Their service helps connect expats with professional satellite television installers across Belgium. So, if you’re missing your favorite UK or US TV shows, see how Expat in Belgium can help you catch up.

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View TV Abroad is an online subscription service for US and UK TV shows. It lets you watch TV shows from home live or on-demand from wherever you are in the world. So, from Eastenders to Ru Paul’s Drag Race, you’ll never miss your favorite show again.

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