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Groceries & Food Delivery in Belgium

Hungry to try some local flavors in your new home? From recipe box deliveries to supermarkets and grocery stores, get to grips with mealtimes with our listings of groceries and food delivery in Belgium:

British Corner Shop

British Corner Shop is an online retailer selling British products internationally. They stock over 12,000 UK food and drink products, including well-known brands and supermarket favorites. From crumpets to custard, British Corner Shop delivers a taste of Britain to wherever you are in the world.


Amanvida is an online organic food, health, and lifestyle store. They have a range of biological products, from snacks and drinks to beauty products and home textiles. Make all aspects of your family life more environmentally-friendly with Amanvida.


HelloFresh is an online meal-kit provider operating in Belgium. Their innovative range of recipes provides a healthy, stress-free alternative for mealtime. Whether you're looking for innovative meals for two or quick-and-easy family favorites, you'll find them with HelloFresh.


Takeaway.com is a food delivery service operating across Belgium. Using their website and app, you'll be able to order food from your favorite restaurants and take-outs in your neighborhood. Whether you're living in Bruges or Brussels, find tonight's dinner on Takeaway.com.

Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon is a meal-kit provider operating in Belgium. With their innovative recipe boxes, you'll have fresh local ingredients delivered to your front door. For an inventive twist on home cooking, sign up for Marley Spoon and get ready to cook up some creativity in the kitchen.


DrankDozijn is an online alcohol retailer operating in Belgium. They have a wide range of alcohol, from the best locally-brewed beers to wines and spirits from around the world. Get your favorite drinks delivered straight to your home with DrankDozijn.