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Financial Services

Need help with money matters when moving to your new home? Get your finances into shape with these expat-friendly financial services operating in Belgium:

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Hello bank!

Hello bank! is an online bank and financial services provider. Their innovative platform provides easy-to-use mobile banking, offering current accounts and credit cards alongside loans and mortgages. So, take the stress out of expat banking by opening a Hello bank! account today. read moreread less



N26 is an online bank providing mobile banking across Europe and North America. They offer a range of financial services, from current accounts to investment products, that can be easily managed in the N26 app. So, whatever your banking needs when moving abroad, N26 can help. read moreread less

BNP Paribas Fortis

BNP Paribas Fortis is a comprehensive financial services provider tailor-made for expats. With online banking, insurance products, and extended opening hours, they take the financial hassle out of moving to Belgium. From opening a bank account to insuring your car, BNP Paribas Fortis can help. read moreread less

+32 (0) 24334100

bunq is an online bank operating across Europe. Their easy-to-use mobile banking service lets you open an account in minutes, giving you access to instant payments, money transfers, and more. So, if you need an expat-friendly bank without the hassle, open a bunq account today. read moreread less

KBC Brussels

KBC Brussels is a bank and financial services provider. Dedicated to the unique needs of Brussels, their expat-friendly service can help you set up your new life in Belgium. So, whether you’re looking to open a bank account or investment advice, KBC Brussels can help. read moreread less

Rue de la Science, 23

+32 303 31 60
ING Belgium

ING Belgium is a leading retail bank providing a wide range of expat-friendly services. They offer mobile and online banking for individuals and companies and have branches located across Belgium. So, whether you’re looking for an IBAN or a business loan, ING Belgium are well-placed to help. read moreread less

+32 2 464 60 04

Other Listings

LeoPay provides international mobile and online banking for individuals and businesses. Their easy-to-use service offers free accounts with dedicated IBANs in 10 major currencies, free contactless VISA cards, and worldwide transfers. So, wherever you’re relocating, LeoPay’s full-service financial platform can help you move with freedom. read moreread less

Deutsche Bank is an international retail bank operating across Belgium. They offer a number of expat-friendly financial services in English, including bank accounts, credit cards, and cash withdrawals. Stay on top of your money by taking out an account with Deutsche Bank. read moreread less

Pro-Pay is a payroll management specialist operating internationally. With over 40 years of experience, they are well-established in providing payroll services, HR consultancy, and legal advice. So, no matter how big or small your business, Pro-Pay can help with all your payroll needs. read moreread less

The Fry Group are international financial experts. They have over 120 years experience in providing tax, wealth, pension and estate planning services to expats living globally. If you need English-speaking advice and support with your finances, contact the Fry Group and speak to their team. read moreread less

Keytrade Bank is an online banking and investment platform operating in Belgium. The site offers a range of expat-friendly financial services, from savings accounts and credit cards to investment advice. So, get more from your finances in your new home with Keytrade Bank. read moreread less

Belfius is a banking and financial services provider based in Belgium. They offer a range of services for individuals and companies, including retail banking and insurance products. Whatever financial services you need in your new home, Belfius can help. Website available in Dutch and French. read moreread less