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Language Schools in Belgium

Do you want to learn French or Dutch in your new home? Our directory listing of language schools in Belgium will help you find the class that’s right for you:

Skype Language School

Skype Language School is an online language learning platform. The school offers one-to-one language lessons and business support in a range of languages, including French, German, Spanish, and Dutch. Skype Language School classes are taught via Skype in an encouraging, innovative teaching environment.


Lingoda is an innovative online language school accessible worldwide. Their learning platform will ensure you're speaking like a local before you know it. Choose the language and time that suits you and join one of Lingoda's professionally taught classes from the comfort of your home.

Other Listings

CPAB is an adult language school based in Brussels. They offer a range of interactive programs, including classes for English, French, and Dutch learners. So, if you’re looking to pick up the local lingo, see if CPAB can help you.

Académie des Langues is a French-speaking language school. Based in Mons, the school provides a range of interactive learning for expats learning French and other European languages. From child-friendly classes to intensive academic courses, Académie des Langues has the right language course for you.

F9 Languages is a language school with a team of around 30 dedicated teachers. It provides tailored group and one-to-one classes for individuals and companies. So, whatever you or your company’s language needs, F9 Languages has the right course for you.

Avenue Louise 120, Brussels, Belgium

The Academic Language Centre (ACTO) is a language school in Brussels. Part of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the center provides dedicated language courses and support for students. So, if you want to learn a language in Belgium, the ACTO has the right courses for you.

OpenContext is a language school located in central Brussels. They provide courses that focus on practical, everyday language students can use in their daily lives. Offering a range of individual and group classes for adult learners, OpenContext can help you adjust to expat-life.

Languages Unlimited is a language school based in Brussels. The school has over 25 years experience in providing individually-tailored one-to-one tuition in a range of European languages. So, if you’re looking for bespoke classes catering to your unique needs, contact Languages Unlimited.

Language Studies International Brussels is a language school with over 45 years experience. They provide a range of language courses for individuals and businesses taught by experienced, native-speaking professionals. Whatever your language level goals, Language Studies International can help you get there.

Europa Language School is a language school based in Brussels. Offering courses in over 15 languages, the school provides tailored classes for students from all backgrounds and ages. So, whether you’re looking for business Dutch or conversation Chinese, Europa Language School has a course for you.

Amira Language School is an established language school in Brussels. Located in the city’s European Quarter, the school offers a range of language programs for all abilities. So, if you’re looking for caring, friendly, and creative learning, Amira Language School has the right class for you.

Wiams run a range of children’s residential language courses. They organize French and English programs during school vacations held at the spacious, 30-hectare Godinne Language Center. So, if you want to immerse your children in a new language this summer, check out the courses on offer with Wiams.

CERAN is a language school with over 40 years experience. The school specializes in intensive language and intercultural training, including residential immersion courses and young adult classes. So, whatever your language needs, find the right course for you with CERAN.

Avenue des Petits Sapins 27
4900 Spa

Alliance Française is a language school in Brussels. Specializing in French language and cultural learning, the school runs innovative and interactive programs for learners of all abilities. So, whether you’re looking for business French or just the basics, Alliance Française can help.

Eurospeak is a language school based in Brussels. The school provides custom-tailored language studies for learners of all backgrounds, from children and students to job seekers and expats. So, whatever your business or personal needs, Eurospeak can help extend your language frontiers.

The Institut Supérieur des Langues Vivantes is the language learning center of the University of Liège. The center provides the university’s language courses for students and staff. The Institut Supérieur des Langues Vivantes offers courses at the downtown and Sart Tilman campuses throughout the year.

Semantics is a language school in Brussels. The school offers courses tailored to the individual needs, whether in one-to-one sessions or small group classes. So, whether you’re a complete beginner or a business professional, Semantics can help you meet your language goals.

CLL Brussels is a language school based in Brussels. The school offers a range of language courses tailored to your needs, from business-focused programs to young learner classes. So, whatever you want to learn, CLL Brussels can help you reach your personal goals.

Lerian-Nti is a language school operating in Belgium. The school has four locations across the country and offers online modules and video courses for distance learners. Focusing on creative and interactive learning, Lerian-Nti offers the right blend of learning techniques for you.

Call International provide professionally-focused language courses. Their dedicated team of 120 trainers offer courses in 15 languages that they can tailor to your unique needs. So, whether you’re looking for legal Chinese and medical Russian, Call International has the right course for you.

Linguapolis is the University of Antwerp’s language institute. The center provide a range of courses for all abilities, from beginner classes to academic programs. Linguapolis also provide academic translation and proofreading, as well as support for language learning research projects.

Kiddy & Junior Classes is a children’s language school in Brussels. The school has over 40 years experience in teaching languages to young learners, specializing in oral communication. So, if you want your little ones exploring new languages, sign them up to Kiddy & Junior Classes.

Berlitz is a leading provider of language training. With locations across Belgium, their professional teachers offer effective tuition for all ages based on a program that works for you. So, whether you want individual business tuition or group conversation, find the right course with Berlitz.

Forma Lingua is a language training centre specializing in business communication. Based in Liège, they provide classes in a range of programs and languages for professionals. So, whether you need to improve your language skills for meetings or presentations, Forma Lingua can help.