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Pre-Schools and Daycares

Want to give your little ones the best start in life? Find the right expat-friendly pre-schools and daycare centers for your children in Belgium:

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Montessori Kids is a bilingual primary school with 20 years experience. Based outside Brussels, it provides French and English education to children aged 18 mths to 12 yrs. Each class has two teachers speaking their respective mother tongue, so your child will get the best of both languages. read moreread less

Internationale Deutsche Schule Brüssel is a German-speaking school in Brussels. Embedded in the German school system, it educates children aged 2 to 18 regardless of their mother tongue. So, if you’re looking for a German education for your children in Brussels, consider the Internationale Deutsche Schule Brüssel. read moreread less

Montessori House Brussels is an independent school in the heart of Brussels. It was the first school in the city to offer a bilingual Montessori education. It teaches children aged between 2 and 6 years in French and English classes embedded in Montessori learning. read moreread less

Little Sprouts is a bilingual playgroup and crèche in Uccle. They offer a fun learning and playing environment, with English and French activities for children aged 15 months to 3.5 years. Whether you’re looking for morning or full-day sessions, your Little Sprouts will get the attention they deserve. read moreread less

La Maison des Enfants Montessori Children’s House is a leading Montessori school in Brussels for children aged 2 to 6. The school’s curriculum builds social and moral character in students within a stimulating academic program. So, give your child a strong foundation in life with La Maison des Enfants. read moreread less