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International Grocery Stores

Missing the taste of home? Check out directory listings for expat-friendly international grocery stores in Belgium selling products from around the world:

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Kam Yuen Supermarket is a Chinese and Oriental grocery store located in the heart of Brussels. Stocking a wide range of food products from China, Hong Kong, and beyond, you'll find a mix of favorite flavors and new treats to try at Kam Yuen. read moreread less

Hoffy's is a Jewish restaurant and delicatessen in central Antwerp. For over 30 years, their fully-Kosher menu has been enjoyed by locals and visitors from all backgrounds. With a wide array of dishes and delicacies, you'll find a taste of home at Hoffy's.read moreread less

Graré American Food Store is an international grocery store in southern Antwerp. The store specializes in American and Tex-Mex products, including some of the biggest and most popular brands. If you're looking for a taste of the US in Belgium, visit Graréread moreread less

Tagawa is a Japanese grocery store and cafe with three locations in Brussels. Specializing in homemade food, the store has a range of sushi, sashimi, bento, and much more. Enjoy all your favorite flavors from the land of the rising sun at Tagawa. read moreread less

British Corner Shop is an online retailer selling British products internationally. They stock over 12,000 UK food and drink products, including well-known brands and supermarket favorites. From crumpets to custard, British Corner Shop delivers a taste of Britain to wherever you are in the world. read moreread less

Stonemanor is an international grocery store with two locations in Belgium. They specialize in British food products and groceries, stocking a range of must-loved brands and items. If you're looking for a wide array of UK food products, check out Stonemanor. read moreread less