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Financial Advisors in France

Want to get more from your money in France? Check out our directory of expat-friendly financial advisors in France and make the right financial choices for you:


Elitax is a tax advisory firm located in Paris. Their team of accountants and tax experts specialize in helping expat individuals and companies manage their finances. To make sure you stay on top of your taxes in France, contact the team at Elitax.

10 Rue Pergolèse
75116 Paris

+33 (0)1 43 71 10 05

Other Listings

A Place in the Sun Currency is a UK-based financial services platform for expats relocating abroad. Associated with the UK's hit Channel 4 TV show, the service helps those making payments for buying and maintaining overseas properties.

Crédit Expatrié is a financial advisory firm operating internationally. The specialize in providing professional, personal financial guidance to expats and non-residents. Crédit Expatrié can help remove many of the issues and confusions that surround the financial management process. Website only in French.

Lazard is a global financial advisory and asset management company. They advise clients on strategic financial matters and investment portfolio management to ensure they get the most out of their money. So, wherever you are in the world, Lazard can help your finances.

Edificio Fortuny
Rafael Calvo 39 A
Madrid 28010

Hudson Advisors is a global asset management company operating internationally. They provide expat-friendly services focusing on real estate, credit, equity and other financial assets. Hudson Advisors’ team of experts maximize the value of clients’ assets, making their money go further.

Paseo De la Castellana 20
4a Planta IZQ
Madrid 28046 Spain