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Continuing Education in France

Are you thinking about exploring a new career path in your new home? Check out the adult learning opportunities in France with our directory listings:


Skillshare is an online learning community for creatives. They provide classes from industry leaders in a range of artistic subjects, including illustration, design, photography, and much more. Follow lessons at your own pace, explore your creativity, and learn new skills with Skillshare.


Coursera is an online learning platform for individuals and organizations who want to learn new job-relevant skills. They partner with over 275 leading universities and companies to offer flexible, affordable courses. From hands-on projects to certificates and degree programs, start your learning journey today with Coursera.

Other listings of Continuing Education in France

The English Speaking Union is an international network that promotes better English-speaking communication between individuals and countries. Aimed at improved global relations, the network runs public speaking programs and competitions for school-age children from around the world.

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TEFL Toulouse is a teacher training center in Toulouse. The school runs courses that provide students with internationally recognized TEFL qualifications in just 4 weeks. Students stay in accommodation in the city center. So, explore the world with your TEFL certification with TEFL Toulouse.

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Udemy is an online learning platform offering 185,000 video courses. Choose from all kinds of useful topics, including IT & software, personal development, and photography. No matter what you want to study, there's a course for you. Join 49 million students and start learning a new skill today.

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