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Mortgage Advisors in France

Buying a house in your new home? Check out our listings of expat-friendly mortgage advisors in France to help you seal the deal:

Loan Brokerage France

Loan Brokerage France (LBF) assists foreign investors with financing solutions for acquiring property in France. Their services are tailor-made for investors and supported by a team based in Saint Germain en Laye near Paris. Contact LBF and benefit from valuable guidance throughout the acquisition.

14 rue des Gaudines, 78100 Saint Germain en Laye, France

+33 9 73 88 97 66
Private Rate

Private Rate is an international mortgage broker operating in France. They provide a dedicated service that aims to help international buyers find the mortgage that's right for them. So, if you're trying to buy in France, make finding a mortgage easier with Private Rate.

75 Rue St-Lazare
75009 Paris

+33(0) 811 695 777

Other listings of Mortgage Advisors in France

Pretto is a French online expert mortgage service. They can help you find the best loan for your new home, negotiate it, and provide you with advice. They work with more than 50 partner banks in France, allowing you to explore the best options. Let Pretto take care of finding your mortgage.

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