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Utility Providers in France

Make your new house a home. Get your water, energy and heating needs sorted with our directory listings of expat-friendly utilities providers:


Engie is a utility provider operating in France. They offer a number of energy options for homes and businesses across the country, including electricity, gas, and green energy. If you're setting up home in France, get connected today with Engie.

Other listings of Utility Providers in France

Engie - My Power is a green energy company operating in France. From energy giant Engie, My Power focuses on the installation of PV solar panels for individual households. Tap the solar potential of your home in France and see what you could save on energy bills with Engie - My Power.

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ENGIE Mobilité Verte provides home charging stations for electric vehicles. Their terminals are compatible with your energy contract and all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in France, and are easy to use. Request a quote online and start your green mobility journey with ENGIE Mobilité Verte.

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TotalEnergies is a French utilities company offering low-price deals on electricity and gas. With their Essential tariff, you can save money, schedule your direct debit for a time that suits you, and have a choice of payment methods. Set up your home with TotalEnergies and see what you could save.

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