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TV and Internet Providers in France

Staying connected can help you integrate into your new life abroad. To help you get set up, here are some expat-friendly TV and internet providers in France:

La Poste Mobile

La Poste Mobile is a telecom provider operating in France. Alongside a range of mobile contracts, prepaid SIMs, and SIM-only deals, they also offer home internet and TV packages. If you're setting up your new life in France, see how La Poste Mobile can help get you connected.


Disney+ is an on-demand video subscription service operating internationally. The platform offers a range of Disney movies and TV series, from the Star Wars saga to classics for the whole family. So, bring the magic of Disney into your home by signing up for Disney+.



SFR is a telecommunications company operating across France. With home and mobile phone connections, internet services, and TV packages offering programming from around the world, SFR has something for everyone. Choose your options and get connected in France with SFR.

Other Listings

monVPN is an online VPN service operating internationally. Their easy-to-use service lets you connect to the services you want wherever you are in the world. It also maintains your anonymity online, hiding your location and ISP. So, get more from the web with monVPN.

VPNVision is an online VPN service. Their VPN allows you to access all the web content you want using a fast, secure connection where you are. The winner of the best French VPN, VPN Vision also provides connections to other countries. Website in French.

Meilleur VPN is an online comparison website for VPNs. They compare and contrast the various internationally operating VPNs to ensure you have the right connection for you. So, get the content you want to see online with Meilleur VPN.

View TV Abroad is an online subscription service for US and UK TV shows. It lets you watch TV shows from home live or on-demand from wherever you are in the world. So, from Eastenders to Ru Paul’s Drag Race, you’ll never miss your favorite show again.

Losali-Direct is an international calling service for French public departments. Their easy-to-use service allows French nationals to contact French government services at local rates from several international locations. So, make the calls you need at the price that’s right for you with Losali Direct.