Find the expat services you need to navigate your new life. Expatica's France business directory is an exhaustive list of service providers in France that specialize in the expat market, ranging from financial services – mortgages, accountants, banks and more – to childcare and beyond.

In the spotlight


Lebara is an international mobile phone network. They offer a range of pay-as-you-go and contract options in France, offering calls, texts, and mobile data. With special rates for international calls, Lebara is popular with expats looking to set up home in a new country.


Assurland is an insurance comparison site operating in France. They compare insurance policies from the country's biggest providers, covering everything from car coverage to pet premiums. Get the best French insurance products for you with Assurland.

La Poste Mobile

La Poste Mobile is a telecom provider operating in France. Alongside a range of mobile contracts, prepaid SIMs, and SIM-only deals, they also offer home internet and TV packages. If you're setting up your new life in France, see how La Poste Mobile can help get you connected.