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Online Education in France

Looking to gain new qualifications around your existing lifestyle? These expat-friendly online learning services in France can help make learning easier for you:


Lingoda is an innovative online language school accessible worldwide. Their learning platform will ensure you're speaking like a local before you know it. Choose the language and time that suits you and join one of Lingoda's professionally taught classes from the comfort of your home.

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Icademie is a business and digital school based in Toulon and with other locations across France. The school specializes in a rich and varied e-learning platform that complements classes at the centers. This allows greater levels of accessibility to the school’s courses and programs.

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The Nardagani Reading Program is an online reading program for English speakers and learners. Their unique program uses fun, interactive exercises to make reading come to life for those struggling with English. So, take your reading skills to the next level with The Nardagani Reading Program.

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