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Rental Agencies in France

Looking to rent a new home? Whether you’re looking for a short-term or long-term lease, here are our listings of expat-friendly rental agencies in France:


Homelike is an online rental agency. Whether you're looking for temporary business travel accommodation or you're a landlord interested in renting out your property, Homelike can help. Speak to our team of experts and see how Homelike can help meet your property needs.

Paris Attitude

Paris Attitude is a rental agency operating in Paris. They have thousands of furnished rentals located across the capital available for short- and long-term rent for expats. Find your dream home from home in the French capital with Paris Attitude.

21 Rue Vauvenargues
75018 Paris


Airbnb is a global online community offering accommodation and experiences. They have a selection of over 6 million unique properties available through their secure booking service. So, whether you're moving to Abu Dhabi or Aberdeen, Airbnb has the right short-term let for you.

All Luxury Apartments

All Luxury Apartments are an apartment rental agency operating internationally. Their online platform offers a range of luxury, long-term apartments ideal for individuals and families moving abroad. Wherever you’re moving in the world, find your next home with All Luxury Apartments’ online portal.

Other listings of Rental Agencies in France

Azur Eden Real Estate is a property expert and realtor operating on the French Riviera. They offer homes for sale and rent in the exclusive Côte d'Azur region of France, providing expert advice and guidance. For your dream place in the sun, speak to Azur Eden.

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Azur Online

Azur Online is an online property portal operating in the French Riviera. The site specializes in rentals in and around the Côte d'Azur region of France, from waterfront apartments to private villas. Find your slice of the Mediterranean with Azur Online.

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Hotels.com is an online booking platform. The site has thousands of accommodation listings located around the world. From hotels and hostels to luxury villas and short-stay apartments, there is something for every taste. So, make your move that little bit easier with Hotels.com.

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La Carte des Colocs is an online property portal operating across France. They specialize in colocation – helping tenants and landlords find new roommates for their properties. So, for an easy way to find your next home in France, log onto La Carte des Colocs.

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SilverDoor Apartments provide serviced apartments for international professionals. With over 200,000 lets available in 94 countries, their team provides a dedicated service for expats moving abroad. Whether you're relocating to Macau or Montreal, let SilverDoor Apartments find your new home.

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