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Last update on December 10, 2018

All work and no play? Here we list social clubs relating to Middle Eastern nationalities across the UK.

On the following pages are links to clubs and groups relating to Middle Eastern nationalities in the UK. If you know of a group of club based in the UK that you would like to have listed please fill in our online form. Add a group or club here.


Aranib: A Forum For Arabs in Britain

Location: Online
The Arab Network In Britain is an independent e-mail discussion forum for Arabs in Britain.  We discuss any matter of interest through the group mailings and organise social events and discussion meetings. The group was formed in the UK and now has members in many countries. All applications are considered by the members through a voting system, in line with our charter.


Persians (Iranians) in UK

This group is to network Persians (Iranians) who work, study or in general live in the UK.