Language Schools

All pilots must necessarily speak English. Browse our list of language schools in the UK to send your career chances soaring.

Teacher Finder

Language Schools

Teacher Finder is an online platform for language learning and tutoring. Their easy-to-use system lets you connect with their network of experienced tutors teaching over 40 global languages. So, whether you want to learn Afrikaans or Arabic, Teacher Finder can…


Language SchoolsOnline Education

TEFL Org is a leading specialist in online TEFL courses. They offer a range of accredited programs providing advice, support, and expertise to teachers of English as a foreign language. With TEFL Org, you’ll get the confidence you need before…

Tellus Languages Abroad

Language Schools

Tellus Languages Abroad is a leading provider of language courses across Europe. With their network of established schools, you’ll learn your chosen language while immersed in the local culture. So, whether you want to learn Spanish in Madrid or German…

St George International

Language Schools

St George International is an established language school located in London’s West End. They offer a range of English language programs, from business courses to drinks and conversation events. So, whether you’re a beginner or preparing for IELTS, St George…

Twin English Centres

Language Schools

Twin English Centres provide a range of English language courses for international students. They offer classroom-based learning, work placement opportunities, and group travel services. So, whatever your English learning goals, you’ll find a course that meets your needs with Twin…