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Wellness in the United Kingdom

Need a little self-indulgence in your new home? Take the stress out of moving abroad with these expat-friendly wellness options in the UK:

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is an international cosmetics and skincare retailer based in the UK. The ethically-minded retailer boasts hundreds of beauty products, from shampoo to shaving foam. Give your body the attention it deserves with The Body Shop.


Hussle is a personal fitness platform operating throughout the UK. Offering contract-less gym memberships, members are able to train at thousands of fitness centers across the country. Whether you're looking for fitness classes, swimming, or gym access, let Hussle help.

Other listings of Wellness in United Kingdom

FarmStayPlanet is an online agri-tourism platform with locations throughout the world. They provide alternative holidays and travel experiences based in rural locations. From luxury farmhouse retreats to lakeside campsites, you'll find your next adventure with FarmStayPlanet.

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