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Looking for moving companies in the UK? Browse our directory to find a moving service that can help you get your belongings to your new home.

Matthew James Removals
Matthew James RemovalsMoving Companies

Matthew James Removals is an international relocations specialist. Based in the UK and Spain, they have a global partner network connecting 25,000 destinations in 195 countries. So, whether you’re moving an entire household or a handful of treasured items, Matthew…

Lopa Removals

Moving CompaniesRelocation Services

Lopa Removals are international removals experts specializing in European relocations. Their dedicated team provide individually-tailored services, whether you’re moving a single item or your entire family home. So, wherever you’re relocating in Europe, Lopa Removals can help make your move as…

Central Moves

Moving Companies

Central Moves is a specialist in domestic and international removals. Their team of dedicated professionals can tailor their services to meet your unique relocation needs. So, whether you’re moving neighborhoods or continents, UK-based Central Moves can provide the right removals…