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Last update on November 05, 2019

Switzerland may be small, but it has much to brag about.

Switzerland may be just slightly bigger than the state of Maryland, but it is an entire country with four national languages, 48 peaks above 12’000 ft and no less than seven world records worth mentioning! Sweet sweet bragging rights…

So check out some of the records accomplished in Switzerland:

The world’s smallest whiskey bar

The Smallest Whisky Bar on Earth is located in Müstair, Graubünden. It is just 8,53 sq m/91,8 sq ft in size and features 200 kinds of Whiskey!

Recently, the owner barely beat a British town which tried to claim the title for the Guinness Book of World Records. Since their phone booth did not have a liquor license or regular opening times, however, the title remained in Switzerland!(via Blick.ch)

The world’s largest wine bottle

They figured “When we do it, we do it right!”, so in 2011, the town of Watt exceeded the then-current world record for the largest wine bottle by much: Their version was 3.8 m/12.5 ft tall (which was 1.2 m taller!).

Not coincidentally, the largest wine bottle contained 2011 liters of wine and a cork the size of a pillow! Apparently, the wine was shared with the townspeople at their annual festival, but there is no record for this – and nobody quite remembers the day, either! (via 20min.ch)

The longest without a single breath

The longest anyone has ever held their breath underwater is 19 minutes and 21 seconds! This Guinness World Record was achieved by Swiss freediver Peter Colat in 2010.

Under the official Guinness rules, Colat was allowed to breathe pure oxygen 10 minutes before the dive. He performed this amazing feat in a water tank at a fair in St. Gallen, dominating the previous record by a full 19 seconds!

Colat broke the previous record, set by Italian Nicola Putignano, by 19 seconds. Prior to Putignano, the record was held by magician David Blaine, who in 2008 held his breath for 17 minutes, 4 seconds. (via Happy Times)

The highest cable wire walk

As previously reported, Freddy Nock has a knack for high wires. Using only a balancing pole and no harness or safety nets, he walked 1600 m/5249 ft downhill from one mountain station to another – setting the new world record for the highest cable wire walk. (more on Freddy Nock‘s records)

Fastest round-the-world trip

In 2010, a Swiss pilot and his young crew of two completed the required 36’770 km minimum distance around the world in just 57 hours 54 minutes. It makes me crinch just thinking about sitting in an airplane for 10 hours, but at least I get to watch movies! Which, in turn, puts this world record into perspective. (via World Record Academy)

World’s highest blob jump

It takes some guts to be launched 17 m/55.8 ft into the air, then drop like a bag of potatoes and land in a lake. This is what the folks from Paintballfarm have achieved in June 2011, granting them the world record for highest blob jump! (via Laughing Squid)

World’s most expensive traffic ticket!

Presumably not listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, but remarkable nonetheless, the most expensive traffic ticket ever was issued in Switzerland!

The German Autobahn is notorious for not having a speed limit, but driving with 290 km/h just across the border in Switzerland had a high price for a Swedish offender: 1’000’000 Swiss Francs!

Most tandem loops in a paragliding jump

In August 2010, two daredevils performed 45 consecutive, authentic loops with a paraglider on their daring descent over the Walensee lake.

According to the dizzy pilots, they were not planning on doing that many loops but they were in the zone, so they kept going… Regardless, they effectively set the new world record for the most tandem loops in one jump!
(via World Records Academy)