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Last update on May 12, 2020

Switzerland is a confederation of fairly independent regions known as cantons. Here’s an overview of all of the Swiss cantons.

The federal republic of Switzerland has 26 cantons, including three half cantons (Appenzell, Basel, and Unterwalden). Each canton has its own constitution.

Cantons in alphabetical order

Aargau (German)
Appenzell Ausserhoden (German)
Appenzell Innerhoden (German)
Basel-Stadt (German)
Basel-Land (German)
Berne (German & French)
Graubünden / Grison ( German & Romansch)
Fribourg (German)
Geneva (French)
Glarus (German)
Jura (French)
Lucerne (German)
Neuchatel (French)
St.Gallen (German)
Schaffhausen (German)
Schwyz (German)
Solothurn (German)
Ticino (Italian)
Thurgau (German)
Uri (German)
Unterwalden / Nidwalden (German)
Unterwalden / Obwalden (German)
Vaud (French)
valais / Wallis (French & German)
Zug (German)