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Business Lawyers in Spain

Are you looking for legal advice in your new home? Check out our listing of expat-friendly business lawyers in Spain and get the right advice for your company:


Talenom offers legal and financial advice on moving to Spain. Their team of lawyers, economists, real estate professionals, relocation specialists, and accountants are ready to help you with your investments and business in Spain. Get in touch with Talenom and make your move a success.

Other listings of Business Lawyers in Spain

BLG Abogados

BLG Abogados is a law firm based on the Costa Brava in Spain. Their expert team of lawyers specialize in providing legal assistance to expats from across Europe and beyond. They offer tax and real estate legal advice among other aspects of Spanish law.

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Fieldfisher is a law firm operating across Europe. From coffee shop chains to social media sites, they have a range of clients across various industries and sectors. For all your legal needs in Madrid and Barcelona, contact the team at Fieldfisher.

Paseo de la Castellana 216 Madrid planta 11. CP 28046

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Ross Abogados & Solicitors is a legal firm based in Murcia. Their team of bilingual professionals can help you get to grips with the Spanish legal system in your new home. So, whatever your legal queries, contact the team at Ross Abogados & Solicitors.

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StepInLaw is a law firm based in Barcelona. Their multilingual team provides a professional legal service for expats living in Spain. They specialize in property and residential conveyance for individuals and companies. For legal guidance, contact StepInLaw.

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Strong Abogados is a legal firm operating across Spain that specializes in company formation, accounting and payroll. With offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga, and Tenerife, their professional team can help with all manner of issues. So, get the right legal advice with Strong Abogados.

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Sun Lawyers is a multilingual law firm based on the Costa Blanca. They provide legal advice in seven languages, specializing in Spanish property law, inheritance, and civil litigation. So, get the right legal advice for you and your family with Sun Lawyers.

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