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The top must-have apps in Italy

For expats moving to Italy, these apps for language, food, transport, and everything in between will make the transition smoother.

Italy apps

By Gayatri Bhaumik

Updated 29-2-2024

Whether you are looking to buy a home, register with a local doctor, or order Italian food, these apps will simplify your life in Italy. Just whip out your mobile phone, and get you what you need in a few clicks.

Here are the top app suggestions for living in Italy:


Do your finances go beyond borders? Then you need a fast and secure way to move money internationally. Wise is a global leader in online international money transfers, letting you move money at an exchange rate several times cheaper than your bank. Whatever your personal or business needs, Wise can make your money go further.

Getting around with public transport

Whether catching a bus in Florence (Firenze) or the metro in Rome (Roma), navigating public transport in Italy can be tricky. This is especially the case if you’re not familiar with the Italian language yet. However, with these handy apps, you’ll be making your way around the country in no time.


As an expat in Italy, you may want to jump on a train and explore some of your new surroundings. When the urge strikes, you can prepare for your journey with the Trenitalia app. Whenever you want to travel, you can use the app to buy tickets, check your train’s status, and store your e-tickets.

A Trenitalia train is pulled into Bolzano station
Bolzano station (Photo: Robot8A/Wikicommons)


Monopattini — the country’s electric scooters — are wildly popular across many parts of Europe, including Vespa-loving Italy. If you do not yet have a local driver’s license, or still need to buy a car, the URBI app will help you navigate your new city in style. It combines all the electric scooter services available in your area, including Lime, DOTT, and Helbiz. Best of all? It is a more sustainable way of living and includes bike and car sharing options, so you can get around however you please.

Free Now

Because of its global popularity, most people think of Uber when it comes to ride-sharing. But in Italy, Uber only operates its more expensive options, such as UberBlack and UberLuxe. As such, many locals prefer to use Free Now. Simply set up an account, call a ride, and a car will pick you up in no time. You will always get an indication of pricing before you book, which is perfect if you prefer to know how much your ride will cost before you set foot in the vehicle. The app also works across Europe, meaning you can use it when you venture beyond Italy’s borders.


Navigate Italy like a local with Triposo. This informative Italian app covers over 100 locations in Italy, including all the big cities. Whether in Rome, Florence, Milan (Milano), or Lucca, Triposo will give you local maps, recommendations for eating, drinking, shopping, and partying, and even suggestions for road trips.

Checking the weather

Bordered by both sea and mountains, Italy has a varied climate. Southern regions tend to be warmer than northern regions; however, the weather can be unpredictable. Luckily, these apps can help you prepare for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Il Meteo

Sure, you could rely on your phone’s native weather app for your daily forecast. But why not try Il Meteo, a popular Italian weather app, instead? It gives you total oversight of the conditions in your region, and a detailed five-day forecast per town or city.

Person walking through snowfall in Turin, with colorful graffiti on both sides of the bridge
Turin (Photo: paolo candelo/Unsplash)

You can also see estimates of all conditions, from wind and rain to sea conditions and fog — all down to the hour.

3B Meteo

3B Meteo is a user-friendly Italian weather app that offers live weather forecasts across the country. It accurately predicts temperature, sun, rain, wind, and more. The app’s handy photo-reports also allows you to get real-time visualizations of the weather.

Find a healthcare provider

Although medical care and insurance are readily available in Italy, internationals in the country can find it challenging to navigate the healthcare system. Of course, even if you are learning the language, your Italian may not be so advanced as to explain your symptoms. Still, using these apps will make it easier to find a suitable healthcare provider.


MedinAction is a blessing for healthcare-seeking expats in Italy. With this handy app, you can find accredited English-speaking doctors near you.

Dentist inspecting mouth of patient in the exam chair
Photo: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

You can ask for an online consultation by video or live chat, or if you need help immediately, you can also request a home visit. Service is available 24/7, so you can always reach out for help when you need it.


Doctolib helps you access various healthcare services. Among its functions, you can use it to renew prescriptions, book appointments, and find specialists in your area. Do note that the app is only available in Italian. Still, you can always use this as an opportunity to improve your Italian medical vocabulary.

Medical insurance apps

One way to ensure you’re covered in any eventuality for your move to Italy is by taking out private health insurance. Many of these international providers also have apps, so you can access your medical bills and make claims from your smartphone. These health insurance companies include:

The best Italian news apps

When it comes to the news in Italy, most apps are only available in Italian. Don’t let that put you off, though. These will help you brush up on your Italian and help you integrate more, as you’ll gain insight into the local events, mindset, and culture. 

Corriere della Sera

Corriere della Sera is one of the most popular news apps in Italy. With a subscription, you can access daily national and international news, local newspaper stories — from the Corriere Fiorentino and Corriere Torino — and a wealth of premium content like videos and magazines.

La Repubblica

The national newspaper, La Repubblica, also has an app. If you subscribe to the paper, you can access the following features in the free app:

  • Live and breaking news stories
  • Opinion pieces or political, social, or economic analysis
  • The Selezione (selection) daily morning news brief
  • Podcasts
  • Access to nine regional editions

Handling your finances

One of the first things you’ll have to do when moving to Italy is access the banking system. Opening a local account will make life easier in your new home, especially when setting up the internet, connecting utilities, and getting a mobile phone.

Many internationals turn to mobile banking to conveniently manage their finances from wherever they live. Here are some of the best mobile banking apps for Italy.


If you want to make international transfers to and from Italy, look no further than Wise. Operating in over 175 countries and across 50 different currencies, this app will help you send and receive money from the comfort of your phone.


With N26, you can easily apply for a bank account and access the bank’s range of financial products. This includes current accounts, mobile payments, and more. It even offers simple insights into your spending habits – perfect if you’re looking to budget for your cost of living in Italy.


For easy money management, download Revolut. This easy-to-use app helps you save, invest, and transfer money. You can also use it to earn exclusive rewards on the go.

Person holiding their phone with their digital revolut card for contactless transactions.
Photo: Sophie Dupau/Unsplash

Operating in Italy and beyond, you can link your bank accounts to the app and easily send money between accounts.


Tinaba is a fintech app that lets you open an account, manage your money, make transfers, and more. You can also use it to open investments and handle your shares and savings.

Learn the lingo with these language apps

When relocating to a new country, one of the best ways of easing into its culture is to pick up the local dialect. Knowing some Italian can make everyday tasks easier – from setting up utilities in your house, to buying bread from your local bakery. Try these Italian language apps to start chatting with your Italian neighbors in no time.


Babbel is an on-the-go language-learning app that can help you become more fluent. Language professionals design its accessible courses, so you know you’re in good hands. You can learn Italian at your own pace at a time that suits. Of course, if you’re ambitious, you can also check what other language courses they offer.


Duolingo is one of the most popular apps for learning a new language. The user-friendly app makes learning Italian a breeze with game-like lessons, exciting challenges, and different exercises to improve your reading, listening, and speaking skills. This newly acquired ability will come in useful doing your banking, chatting with teachers at your children’s schools, or even dating.


Italian is one of over 100 languages on iTranslate. Get instant translations to Italian with the app or access immediate voice translations for real-time conversations. You can also use the camera translation to decode Italian text on the go or download the iTranslate keyboard extension to translate your messages.

Find your dream Italian home

Finding a place to stay when you arrive in Italy is essential. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, these apps can help you find the home that’s just right for you.


If you’re looking to rent in Italy, you can always turn to Airbnb. With plenty of homes available for short and long-term lease, finding accommodation is easy. Simply input your dates and location, and the app will list all the available rentals – with prices – in your area.


Idealista is one of the most useful house-hunting apps for internationals, as it lists homes across Italy and is available in English. You can search by city and property type, including residences, garages, offices, and commercial spaces.


Finding somewhere to live in Italy when you first arrive can be daunting. But the Immobiliare app makes it easy. Browse a range of properties for sale or rent on this user-friendly app — from houses and villas to flats and commercial spaces.

A row of colorful, traditional Italian houses with a bright blue sky above
Photo: Thomas Oldenburger/Unsplash

Once you’ve found somewhere you like, connect with agents to ask questions or make appointments. You can also sell your accommodation on the app when ready for a new home.

Pick up some second-hand gear

You can buy second-hand, if you want to live a greener lifestyle or contribute to a circular economy in Italy. Whether you’re looking for a TV or an outfit to wear to an Italian festival, there are plenty of ways to find pre-loved items, for example, by downloading these Italian marketplace apps.


Subito is a digital marketplace where you can find nearly anything, from local jobs and homes to cars and furniture. You can quickly search for items by category and chat directly with sellers through the app.

Second-hand clothing hanging on a sales rack
Photo: Waldemar Brandt/Unsplash

And, when you are ready to leave Italy – or are just doing some spring cleaning – you can also use Subito to sell any items you no longer want.


You can find just about anything you might need on Secondamano (second hand). The app is a classified section for all sorts of products, including jobs, homes, musical instruments, furniture, sports equipment, vehicles, and more. Search for exactly what you want, or browse by category or region.

Delve into the local culinary scene

One of the best ways to explore Italy is through its delicious cuisine. Whether you’re exploring your local supermarket or dining away at a restaurant, there’s nothing quite like Italian food. However, if you’re too busy to cook but don’t feel like heading out, you can count on these apps to get your favorite food delivered to your door.

Just Eat

Just Eat is one of the most popular Italian food delivery apps. It curates a wide variety of restaurants – and types of cuisines – within your delivery area. So, you can tuck into a meal of your choice with just a few clicks.

Too Good To Go

Fancy filling your fridge while being sustainable? This Italian app is the one for you. Restaurants, cafés, and grocery shops list their produce and meals that need to be used on the day on Too Good To Go (Italian only) instead of throwing these out. Users can buy these food items at a discounted price.

A man feeds his partner pizza on the couch
Photo: Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels

For example, you can grab fresh bread and pastries from local bakeries, essentials from grocery stores, and even meals from restaurants with this environmentally-friendly app.


Need some groceries but don’t have time to run to the store? Or are you feeling unwell and need some medicine from the pharmacy? You can get all this without leaving the comfort of your home with Glovo.

This helpful app combines a range of local shops and convenience stores in its interface. It allows you to order anything you need – from medicine and flowers to groceries and takeaways – whenever you need.


When you need to quench your thirst, WeTap lets you find the closest water fountains. Just remember to carry a reusable water bottle to minimize your plastic waste.

Entertainment apps for Italy

Moving abroad and setting up your new life can be exhausting. Fortunately, getting into TV or radio in your new country can help you relax, immerse in the culture, and learn some Italian phrases.


One of the most popular Italian entertainment apps, RaiPlay is a product by local broadcaster Rai. Once you download it, you can watch live broadcasts of all 14 Rai channels in Italy, including its news and sports channels. And, with the on-demand option, you can catch up on your favorite shows, documentaries, matches, and programs whenever you want.

Spectators watch football (soccer) on an outdoor screen in Rome
Rome (Photo: Gabriella Clare Marino/Unsplash)

Pluto TV

Few Italian apps offer as much entertainment as Pluto TV. This American streaming service entered the Italian market in late 2021, offering a wealth of movie and TV options. Once you’ve created an account and set up your profile, you can access all genres – from comedy and romance to action films and kids’ entertainment.


This wildly popular streaming service hardly needs an introduction. While there are plenty of Italian streaming apps, Netflix remains a local favorite. You can expect to catch all of the latest Netflix originals, along with some great Italian content and some English shows and movies.


NOW is a TV subscription service that lets you stream live sports, movies, and series. They partner with several streaming platforms such as Netflix and Prime Video to provide access to top entertainment worldwide. If you’re keen to keep up-to-date with a broad range of Italian and English-language content, NOW is a great option.

Date and make friend with these social apps

Are you looking to make some new friends in your new home? Or, pursue your interests and hobbies with like-minded peers? If so, these apps can help.


Making friends can be tricky when you move to a new country. Fortunately, the global MeetUp app can also help internationals in Italy to find a new circle of friends. Simply set up your profile and browse a wealth of social groups based on interests and hobbies.

A group of friends at a long table toasts with red wine over dinner in their backyard
Photo: Innocenti/Getty Images

Fancy discussing books, spending Saturdays at museums or playing a sport, visiting new places, or brushing up your Italian? You will find like-minded peers to enjoy these and more via MeetUp.


Badoo is perfect for meeting new people in Italy, whether you want to get into the local dating scene or make new friends. Potential matches will appear according to your location and mutual interests, and you can chat online or schedule a physical meeting via the app.