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Primary Schools in Switzerland

Looking for the perfect primary school in Switzerland? Here’s our list of expat-friendly/international elementary schools in Switzerland to help you out:

St. George’s International School

St. George’s International School is an independent day and boarding school located in Montreux. The school offers a global education for children from 18 months to 18 years, including the IGCSE and IB Diploma programs. So, for a multilingual, inquiry-based curriculum choose St. George’s International School.

Chemin de Saint-Georges 19,
1815 Montreux, Switzerland

+41 21 964 3411
British School of Geneva

The British School of Geneva is a private international school offering the English National Curriculum. They welcome students of all nationalities from Reception-age to A-levels. The school prides itself on its small size and favorable fees for Geneva, so visit their website to arrange a visit.

+41 (0)22 795 75 10
École Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande

ENSR is a co-educational private school and limited, not-for-profit organisation. Founded in 1906, this renowned institution welcomes over 600 students. The school provides a spectacular setting and innovative international education. ENSR is in Lausanne, and enjoys a privileged position in the center of Europe.

Chemin de Rovéréaz 20, 1012 Lausanne

+41 21 654 65 00

Copperfield is a leading international school in Verbier. High in the Swiss Alps, the school provides a rigorous and inspiring education for students aged 3–18, following IB, IGCSE, and A-Level programs. For a safe, active, and creative environment in and out of the classroom, choose Copperfield.

Rue de la Bérarde 10 Le Hameau 1936 Verbier Switzerland

+41 27 52 06 100
International School Zurich North

International School Zurich North is an international school in the city's Wallisellen neighborhood. The school offers the IB Primary Years, IGCSE, and A-Level programs to children from 3 to 18 years. For a leading international education in Zurich, consider the International School Zurich North.

Industriestrasse, 8304 Wallisellen, Switzerland

Ecole Mosaic

Ecole Mosaic in Geneva provides an international, bilingual French and English education to students aged three to 12. The school promotes multiculturalism and their program is based on the Plan d'études romand and the English national program. Contact Ecole Mosaic to find out how to apply.

+41 (0) 22 346 21 69
ELA Basel

With two locations in Basel, ELA Basel Swiss British School is an international primary school for children 3-12 years. The not-for-profit school offers the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum. In small, dedicated classes, teachers weave German with English to help children easily transition to secondary.

Gartenstrasse 93, 4052 Basel, Switzerland

+41 61 313 05 80
Inter-Community School Zurich

The Inter-Community School Zurich is an international school in Zurich. For children from 18 months to 18 years, it's the only school in Zurich to offer all three IB programs. It offers the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma programs. For a leading education, consider the Inter-Community School Zurich.

Strubenacher 3, 8126 Zumikon, Switzerland

+41 (0) 44 919 8300

Other listings of Primary Schools in Switzerland

Academia is an international school with locations in Basel and Zurich. Part of the academia network, the schools offer an international education for students from 4 to 18 years. The curriculum culminates in the A-Level program. For an innovative global education, choose Academia.

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Collège Champittet is an international boarding school with two campuses: Lausanne and Nyon. The school offers a global curriculum for students from 3 to 18 years. This includes the Swiss Maturité, French Baccalaureate, and IB Diploma. Collège Champittet offers full and week-only boarding from 11 years.

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Collège du Léman is an international school in Geneva. Offering both day and boarding education, the school runs an international curriculum including IGSCE, IB Diploma, and High School Diploma programs. For an international education in Geneva, choose Collège du Léman.

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Collège et Lycée Saint-Charles is an international boarding and day school located in Porrentruy. Children from 8 to 18 years follow an international curriculum, including the IB Middle Years and Diploma programs. So, for a world-class education in spectacular surroundings, consider Collège et Lycée Saint-Charles.

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InterHigh is an online school accessible internationally. Since 2005, the platform has provided an interactive online primary, secondary, and sixth-form education embedded in the UK system. For education from trained professionals at your own home, choose InterHigh.

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The International School of Basel is an IB World School with three campuses Basel’s southern neighborhoods. For children from 3 to 18 years, the school offers all three IB programs: Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma. For truly global education, consider the International School of Basel.

Fleischbachstrasse 2, 4153 Reinach, Basel

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International School of Berne is an IB World School located in Muri bei Bern. The school offers all three IB programs – Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma – for students from 3 to 18 years. The expansive educational offer has a strong focus on sports and the arts.

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La Côte International School is an international school in Aubonne, near Lausanne. The school offers the IB Middle Years and Diploma programs alongside the IGCSE qualification. For children from 2 to 18 years, La Côte International School offers a leading bilingual French-English education.

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Obersee Bilingual School is an international school in Pfäffikon. The school provides a complete German-English, from childcare through to pre-university studies. The school offers the IB Diploma program for older students. So, for completely bilingual education, consider Obersee Bilingual School.

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Pearson Online Academy is an online school accessible around the world. The school provides professional, accredited K-12 education from a leading name in virtual learning. Wherever you and your family are in the world, see how Pearson Online Academy can help your children learn.

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SIS Swiss International School is an international network of bilingual schools providing English and German education. At their eight Swiss locations, they offer the IB Diploma program ensuring students are ready for university. For an international education, consider the SIS International School.

SIS Swiss International School, Seidenstrasse 2, CH-8304 Wallisellen

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TASIS (The American School in Switzerland) is an international school in Montagnola. The school follows an American curriculum for students from Pre-K to 12th grade, including the IB Diploma for older students. So, for American education in a beautiful mountain setting, choose TASIS.

Via Collina d'Oro, Montagnola, Switzerland

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Terra Nova Bilingual School is an international school in Küsnacht. The school is firmly anchored in the Swiss educational landscape, offering German and English tuition to children from 3 years. So, for a bilingual education near the shores of Zürichsee, chose Terra Nova.

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