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Language Schools in Switzerland

Do you want to learn French, German or Italian in your new home? Our directory listing of language schools in Switzerland will help you find the class that’s right for you:


VOX-Sprachschule is a language school in Winterthur and Zurich. The school offers language courses with a strong focus on speaking and pronunciation in small groups of up to five students. If you're looking for language tuition in-person or online, contact VOX-Sprachschule.

Archstrasse 6, 8400 Winterthur, Switzerland


Lingoda is an innovative online language school accessible worldwide. Their learning platform will ensure you're speaking like a local before you know it. Choose the language and time that suits you and join one of Lingoda's professionally taught classes from the comfort of your home.


LanguageMasters is a language school in central Zurich. The school offers courses for children, teenagers, and adults in a range of languages and ability groups. So, whether you want to learn German or boost your Bosnian skills, LanguageMasters has the course for you.

Bleicherweg 27
8002 Zürich

+41 43 534 48 17

LanguaTalk is an online language learning platform. Choose your language and find personalized teaching for all levels and abilities that fits your budget and schedule. Learn 1-to-1 online and take your language skills to the next level with LanguaTalk.

AtoZ English

AtoZ English is a children’s language school with seven locations across Switzerland. They provide expert tuition in reading, writing, and spelling from a team of native English-speaking teachers. So, give your child the gift of language learning with AtoZ English.

Klusplatz, Zürich, Switzerland

+43 411 88 07

Other listings of Language Schools in Switzerland

Academia Languages is a language school with twelve locations across Switzerland. They offer a wide range of innovative German courses, from intensive beginner classes to evening conversation classes. So, from Lucerne to Lausanne, you'll find the right language course for you.

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Arnie’s Language School is a language learning center in Geneva. They offer a range of English and French courses for children and teenagers as a complement to their school studies. Improve your child’s language skills with the profession tuition at Arnie’s Language School.

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Berlitz is a leading provider of language training. With locations across Switzerland, their professional teachers offer effective tuition for all ages based on a program that works for you. So, whether you want individual business tuition or group conversation, find the right course with Berlitz.

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The International Language School is a language center with locations in Basel, Bern, and Solothurn. They offer a range of language courses, from German and French to Korean and Vietnamese. So, whether you’re looking for conversation classes or business training, International Language School can help.

Güterstrasse 137,
4053 Basel

Thunstrasse 8,
3005 Bern

Patriotenweg 1,
4500 Solothurn

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Live Lingua is an online language school offering lessons in a range of languages. Specializing in Spanish, they also teach English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, and Japanese. You can also find resources for several South African languages on their site. Explore private, group, and corporate courses with Live Lingua.

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RL Learning is a language school in Geneva. Part of Arnie’s Language School, it provides professional language tuition to adults and companies in several languages. So, whether you want to improve your business Bulgarian or conversation Chinese, RL Learning has a course for you.

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Skype Language School is an online language learning platform. The school offers one-to-one language lessons and business support in a range of languages, including French, German, Spanish, and Dutch. Skype Language School classes are taught via Skype in an encouraging, innovative teaching environment.

Rainstrasse 79, 8143 Stallikon

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Swiss French School is a language school with seven locations across Switzerland. Their innovative French Method integrates various teaching approaches to offer effective adult education for individuals, groups, and businesses. So, whatever your French needs, get there with Swiss French School.

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