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Language Schools in Portugal

Do you want to learn Portuguese in your new home? Our directory listing of language schools in Portugal will help you find the class that’s right for you:


Lingoda is an innovative online language school accessible worldwide. Their learning platform will ensure you're speaking like a local before you know it. Choose the language and time that suits you and join one of Lingoda's professionally taught classes from the comfort of your home.


LanguaTalk is an online language learning platform. Choose your language and find personalized teaching for all levels and abilities that fits your budget and schedule. Learn 1-to-1 online and take your language skills to the next level with LanguaTalk.

Other listings of Language Schools in Portugal

CIAL Centro de Linguas is a language school with locations in Lisbon and Faro. The school offers a range of Portuguese courses, from business classes to residential programs for international students. So, give your Portuguese a timely boost with CIAL Centro de Linguas.

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Live Lingua is an online language school offering lessons in a range of languages. Specializing in Spanish, they also teach English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, and Japanese. You can also find resources for several South African languages on their site. Explore private, group, and corporate courses with Live Lingua.

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