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Last update on October 16, 2020

Is it your first week in Portugal? Make sure you’ve ticked off the following tasks to settle into your life in Portugal.

If you’ve just moved to Portugal, there are some important tasks you will need to complete before enjoying the lighter side of Portuguese life. Tick off all of the following tasks after moving to Portugal.

Sort out your residency

Make sure your Portuguese residency is sorted. Register with your local financas office–every town has one. Bring along your passport and proof of where you are living (e.g., household bills, mortgage agreement or tenancy agreement). Then visit your nearest town hall or government building and take with you your fiscal number, passport, and proof of where you are living.

Also, find out if you can get a Portuguese driving license. Matriculate your car (this can be done at the same time as you apply for residency and is a lot cheaper to do right away rather than waiting until your six months are up).

Open a bank account

Open a Portuguese bank account. You’ll need your passport and proof of address.

Do your research

Sort out your utilities

Find a job

Learn the language

Get insured