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Last update on June 04, 2020

If you are planning to move to Portugal you’ll need to set up a few things before you arrive, and upon your arrival. This moving checklist will help you discover how to move to Portugal successfully.

As our article on managing your move abroad points out, the basic things to consider during relocation are visas and permits, vaccines for family members, restrictions or taxes on shipped household items, taxes due when you ship your car, vaccines, and quarantines for pets and insurance.

Expat guide to Portuguese visas and permits

If you haven’t done it already, sorting out your residence permit is an essential first step.

Expat guide to opening a bank account in Portugal

Another essential step is opening a bank account. Visit our Banking section for details on banking in Portugal and to keep up to date with news from the financial world.

Finding a home in Portugal when relocating to Portugal

So you have your visa and bank account. Now you need to find a place to stay. Read Expatica’s guide to where to live in Portugal. Should you rent or buy? Expatica helps you to do the research and decide on the best housing option. Visit our Housing section for guides, advice and tips.

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An expat guide to education in Portugal

Education is another important point for you to consider when moving to Portugal with your family. You’ll need to decide on local or international education for your children and pick a school. Visit our Education section to find out about the Portuguese education system.

If you have young children, you may need to enrol them in a daycare centre or hire an au pair. Expatica’s Kids and Pre-school sections will help you to find suitable childcare. Students should visit our Higher Education section.

Setting up your home following your move to Portugal

Once you have found accommodation, you’ll need to get connected and set up basic utilities. Ask around to find the most cost-effective service providers; why not ask local experts in Expatica’s free Ask the Expert section?

An expat guide to finding work in Portugal

If you are looking for a job, then learn more about the management culture in Portugal before you start on your job hunt. Check out our Employment Basics section for more advice and tips.

Moving to Portugal: Learning the language

Speaking the local language is important if you want to improve your social life as well as job prospects, therefore make sure that you enrol in a language course and pay a visit to our Languages section.

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Expat guide to healthcare in Portugal

So far so good, but don’t forget your health – moving to another country is stressful. Learn about the Portuguese health system by clicking on our Healthcare section.

Finding companionship following your move to Portugal

Get out and about, and network – use our dating site to meet and interact with like-minded people in the international community.

Emigrating to Portugal: Relocation services

Find out what you can expect from and how to work with a relocation agency. Also, consider relocation consultants who can help you plan your move with maximum efficiency.

An expat guide to taxation

Tax rules vary across the world for foreign-earned income so make sure that you are aware of your obligations and take the necessary paperwork with you. Visit our Tax section for information and tips regarding taxation abroad.

Moving to Portugal: Country facts

Take some time to learn about your new country of residence before your relocation so that when you arrive you can adapt quickly to your new home. Expatica’s list with top facts about Portugal is a good place to start. The ‘Getting Started’ section takes you through the checklist of essential tasks to complete upon arrival: visas and permits, opening a bank account, finding a home, choosing a school, setting up home (telephone, TV and internet), finding a job, learning the language, healthcare and insurance and sorting out your driving licence.

Relocating to Portugal with the family

Visit our Family section to find information on moving with your partner and children including tips for relocating with teens and moving abroad with your family. Check out our Languages section for tips on learning a new language.

Emigrating to Portugal

How to adjust following your move to Portugal

The stress involved in moving to a new country throws many expats off balance. Once the honeymoon period is over, many expats face difficulties in adjusting to a new culture and lifestyle. Counseling can be useful in some cases.

Networking and going out in Portugal

The Expatica article ‘Moving abroad on your own’ offers sound advice to singles: Don’t become a hermit or a bar-fly. Get out and about and try to network. Socialize with people from the office, carry on with your favorite sport, hobby or interest and this way you likely will meet some like-minded people, even if they don’t speak the same language. Couples, especially if one partner isn’t working, also need to focus on making new contacts and building up a network in their new land.

An expat guide to repatriation

Repatriation isn’t easy, but, like relocation, if you prepare well and know what you can expect, the move will be smoother.

If you’ve just landed in Portugal, it’s tempting to start exploring, but there are some essential tasks to get through first. Our channels offer a wealth of important information and advice for living in Portugal.