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Last update on June 03, 2020

Immigration to Luxembourg is easy for an EU/EFTA citizen, but you still need to register to live there.

If you are an EU/EFTA citizen, immigration to Luxembourg is fairly straightforward; the biggest advantage is bypassing a hefty amount of paperwork in general. But you still have to register to become a resident within an allotted time frame. Here are some things to know.

Entering and residence

Nationals of any member state in the EU and the European Free Trade Area (EFTA) can enter Luxembourg with just an identity card. While no passport is necessary to enter, it will be important to have at one point as time goes on and you plan to reside in the country. To become a resident, EU citizens must register at their local city hall or commune within two weeks of arriving in the country. At your appointment, you will need to bring the following:

  • Valid ID car and/or passport
  • A copy of your employment contract
  • A copy of your rental agreement
  • A birth certificate
  • A copy of your driver’s license
  • Three identity photographs that are of passport dimensions and size
  • A wedding certificate copy (if applicable)
  • German, French or Belgium residents must provide a certificate from their hometown that states your departure.
  • Those who leave France should request a ‘quitus fiscal’ from the tax authorities.
EU resident living in Luxembourg

Once these papers are brought to your local commune, the administration will provide a temporary residence certificate to hold on to until a long-term permit arrives by post. It also can be helpful to register at your embassy in Luxembourg. Your residency will also notify the social security department of Luxembourg, and a tax ID will be issued to you in the post within the coming weeks.

Work and Employment

Expats coming from EEA countries and Switzerland, Bulgaria and Romania do not need a work permit to be employed in Luxembourg. Croatia is an exception and all Croatian citizens and their family members need a work permit for their first year of professional work in Luxembourg. Once a job is found, an EU citizen is allowed to live in Luxembourg for five years at a time. When the five year mark is approaching it is time to renew your residency for another five-year term as long as you can show proof of employment or entrepreneurial business registration.

Driving License

Any EU citizen with a valid driving licence from their home EU country do not need to have a Luxembourg driver’s licence. Any licence from the EU is noted as valid in Luxembourg and is seen as having the same conditions as a Luxembourg license once you become a resident.

Family members of EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

A non-EU, EEA or Swiss resident is considered a third-country national. Any third-country national who is a family member (direct child, parent or spouse) of an EU citizen can receive permanent residence and a permanent residence card under certain conditions.

If you re coming with a spouse or registered partner, you will have to prove that your relationship has lasted over one year, uninterrupted, before applying for a residence permit. As an EU citizen coming to Luxembourg as a students, the family members who can join you are limited to either a spouse/registered partner or child under your care.

If the EU family member already has employment set up in Luxembourg, your third-country spouse or partner, or parent, may be exempt from a work permit to work in Luxembourg. Visit the government site www.guichet.public.eu and download the application form.