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Financial Advisors

Want to get more from your money as an expat? Check out our directory of expat-friendly financial advisors in your new home and make the right financial choices for you:

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Cross Border Living is a financial planner specializing in the expat marketplace. Owned by author and speaker, Jennifer Patterson, Cross Border Living aims to help expats living across borders find financial freedom. Get more from your expat life with Cross Border Living.

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Experts for Expats is an information platform for expats. The service helps users find the right expat-friendly expert for them, from French mortgage brokers to Brazilian tax advisors. Visit Experts for Expats and find the help you need today.

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The Choice Alliance Group is an internationally-minded financial advisor. Based in the UK, their team of experts offer guidance on a number of issues, from educational fee planning to retirement preparation. Wherever you are in life, the Choice Alliance Group can help.

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